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This is a Hako Multicar, a common sight on European city streets, and with a fairly rubbish name until you realise how literal it is. The only surviving nameplate from the East German IFA, Multicar have been building small versatile platforms for over eighty years, with everything from floor buffers to armoured military vehicles emerging from their German factory.

However, even a single Multicar model can be multiple, er… cars, as proven here by this superb Technic Multicar 4×4 built by Sthrom (aka Blaz62). Like Multicar’s real vehicles, Sthrom’s creation is capable of switching between several purposes, with a single chassis and cab able to be equipped with multiple attachments.

Sthrom’s Multicar chassis is filled with proper Technic functionality, including all-wheel-steering, all-wheel-suspension, and all-wheel-drive with locking differentials, hooked up to an in-line 4-cylinder engine underneath the tilting cab. The front of the cab is fitted with a multi-purpose mount, allowing a range of equipment to be attached, whilst at the rear and even broader range of machinery can be added.

Sthrom’s model can be deployed to three different uses, with a mobile crane/cherry picker (often seen deployed for street light repair), a container truck/skip lorry, and a snowplough with grit spreader. Each attachment includes a wealth of realistic functionality, all operating mechanically via hand-operated linear actuators, levers, and bevel gears.

It all adds up to being one of our favourite Technic creations of the year, and there’s loads more to see of the Sthrom’s Hako Multicar, including the chassis and each attachment separately, at Bricksafe, the Eurobricks forum, and via the excellent demonstration video below.

YouTube Video

Green Machine

Lego Multicar Tipper

Small, green and a bit odd-looking, this is up there amongst the least cool vehicles ever to feature here at The Lego Car Blog. And it reminds us of TLCB Elves.

It’s a Multicar tipper, built by the German equipment company of the same name that specialises in the slightly weird functional end of the vehicular spectrum, with products such as street sweepers, snow ploughs, tugs and, er… whatever this is.

Odd though it may be it’s a rather lovely model, and one of most thoroughly detailed that we’ve posted this year so far. Havoc is the builder behind it and you can see all the photos of his Model Team Multicar on Brickshelf – click the link above to make the jump.

Lego Multicar Tipper Van