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Heavy Highway Hauler


This smooth looking rig was built by drdesignz on MOCpages. Its builder cites the 7347 “Highway Pickup” as an influence on his design, though the lowboy trailer is rather more stylish than the back of the Creator set. On top of looking good, the model has plenty of playable functions, which always excites the Elves. The trailer detaches, the digger is playable and the truck steers. As its builder notes, the steering works in the same way as the Model Team 5580 “Highway Rig”. The Elves were also excited because this MOC reminded them of when they helped us build the 31005 “Construction Hauler”, plus it features another digger with which they can smush their colleagues.

You can see more of the truck, trailer and digger by clicking the link to MOCpages or Cuusoo.

Hauler digger

Big Rig

Lego Oil Rig Platform

This is a different type of big rig from the ones that we normally feature on TLCB. A very tired Elf carried this 100kg creation up 27 floors to the penthouse office at TLCB towers this morning. After rewarding him with a nautical blue Smartie (they’re the best kind), we settled down to take in the details of this build. Mario Fabrio’s rig is over a metre square and is 1.6m tall. As with many builds of this size, a lot of the fun comes from zooming in on the photos and spotting all of the details and little scenes that the creator has included. As this blog’s mission is to feature vehicles, we should mention that the rig has four mini-fig scale lifeboats and a helicopter, all ready to launch. There are also plenty of workers scattered around the platform, as Mario says that they are just finishing a major repair job. Some of them are enjoying some time off, fishing from the lower decks.

You can enjoy spotting even more details on Mario’s MOCpage by clicking the link.

P.S. If anyone can recommend a specialist Elf osteopath or chiropractor, we’d be very grateful.


Lego Mack Container TruckAnother day, another Lego creation found, and another pleased Elf gets a fed. Today’s returnee discovered this lovely looking Australian Mack container truck over on Flickr. Built by Jedd aka trapjaw! it’s full of neat details that make it look quite a lot bigger than it really is. You can see them all via Jedd’s gallery at the link above.

Big Pete

Lego Big PeteA Peterbilt monster truck. Because why not? Billyburg is the builder behind the blue beast, and you can see more of it on Flickr here.

Big Yellah

Peterbilt 379 Lego

Power Functions Peterbilt

This huge Peterbilt 379 was found on Brickshelf today. mbmc137, who really needs a snappier name, has recreated the rig in cunning mix of bricks, plates and Technic beams. Underneath all that yellow is a full Power Functions remote control drivetrain. See it in action, and the full gallery, here.

Town Trucks

Lego American Truck

U.S Truck

Two Elves returned today, each carrying a Town scale truck from opposite sides of the Atlantic. Fearing yet another brutal Elf fight (it takes ages to clean the office afterwards), and as each truck is worthy of posting, we’ve doubled-up and included both. The first (above) is a U.S Peterbilt from _lichtblau_ featuring some lovely chromed parts. The second (below), from Thietmaier, is a classic European Volvo F10. You can see more of each truck on Flickr.

Lego Volvo Truck

E.U Truck

Holy Cow!

Kenworth K100

Got milk?

Every so often a TLCB Elf returns to the office with something that makes us all stop. Normally it’s also something that warrants a disgusted outcry from the team and the Elf in question being thrown out by the ears. But not this time. This time the Elf earned itself dinner. Because this may be the finest, shiniest and awesomest truck we’ve featured yet. BricksonWheels MOC is the man behind it, and he’s surpassed even his own brilliant reputation with this incredible milk-transporting Kenworth K100. MOCpages is where you need to head…

Eighties’ Studly Goodness

Continuing our series of reviews of sets aimed at the more mature builder, here’s the 5580 Highway Rig, from 1988…


5580 got the ‘Model Team’ line off to a good start. It was the same scale as the earlier ‘Hobby Sets’ (12 studs wide) and, albeit after a long hiatus, appeared to carry on where they left off; although this time, LEGO managed to produce an attractive, well detailed model of a popular subject. They even went to the trouble of designing nice new wheels for it.

5580 had the look of being designed by someone who loved the subject – often the sign of a winning model. He had fun with all the greebling, too – perhaps a little much, especially when it came to festooning it with little yellow lights all over the place. Against the white panels, these do make it look a little as if it’s got a bad case of zits….

Still, all the other detailing was very successful, the colour scheme was attractive (using printed pieces – not stickers – hurrah!) and, if you lift the bonnet forward, there’s a very pleasant show engine (LEGO’s first ?); the influence of which is still seen in many medium sized MOCs by car builders everywhere.

LEGO also included steering, operated by the spare wheel mounted on the back of the cab. It didn’t work that well (too many twists and turns in the linkage ‘twixt rack and wheel) but it was a start. It might have been better if the control was on the roof, as on later models.

There was an interior, of sorts, featuring some seats, a steering wheel and a single printed slope that constituted the dashboard. Pretty basic inside then, but again, not a bad effort at the time. There was a bed behind the seats as well, wherein sleep would be rendered impossible by the steering gubbins in the way.

After the wealth of detail on it’s front half of the set, the rear looked a little underdone. The trailer hitch thing (or whatever you call it..) was just a 4×4 turntable, there was no attempt at wheelarches and little else of interest back there. However, mounting the eight rear wheels on movable axles was a nice touch to give the illusion of suspension.

Overall, this 5580 a very nice model indeed. One of those that manages to look right, despite the compromise of using train doors on the cab. A rare combination of refined good looks with a dose of playability. There’s a very good reason why they’re expensive to buy now.

Mr. Sheen

Peterbilt 359 Classic

Shiny shiny

Bricksonwheels is back, with a wonderfully chromed Peterbilt 359. Hope he’s handy with the Pledge to keep it looking this good.