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Box Fresh

Lego Land Rover

No matter where you are in the world certain things are guaranteed. The elderly are (and always will be) in charge, Donald Trump will say something inappropriate on Twitter, and you’ll absolutely definitely be out when the delivery company attempt to deliver your package.

Today we have two extremes of the logistics spectrum, from a Land Rover Series 1 delivering where the roads are made of sand, to a sliding-door delivery van navigating city streets. Neither will arrive at a time conducive to actually dropping off your parcel though.

Both vehicles are the work of TLCB regular de-marco and there’s more to see, including building instructions for each model, at his Flickr photostream. Click the link above to take delivery.

Lego Town Delivery Van

Home Delivery

HD 01

Our Elves almost missed this charming creation from Galaktek, on Flickr. Unusually for a sci-fi build it isn’t covered in guns & missiles and our workforce has a proven penchant for such things. This delivery lorry could easily be from the near future of Lego’s “City” range and features some very neat “wheel” units. Click on this link to see how Galaktek made them.

HD 02

Truck Time

Lego FedEx Truck

Shipping is big business, and even though your local carrier doesn’t drive a Ferrari (seriously though, how cool would that be), they somehow manage to bring excitement and joy in parcel form, without a V12 engine.

Even if they are the grunts of the automotive world, we’d be nowhere without delivery trucks, and this FedEx truck from Kosmas Santosa reminds us that even delivery vehicles have unique design cues and forms worth appreciating! See more of his mini-figure scale creation at Flickr via the link above.

Written by Guest Blogger Chris Elliott

Lego FedEx Delivery