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Two for Tuesday

Lego BMW R60 Motorcycle

It’s double date night here at TLCB, and as it’s this writer’s turn to attend it’s looking like he’ll have to pay another girl at the bus stop. Or put a call into your Mom. Anyhoo, let’s put the evening conundrum aside because we have two wonderful Model Team motorbikes to share with you today.

First up (above) is this glorious classic BMW R60 by Flickr’s Maxime Cheng, who has recreated the original machine superbly using a mix of Technic and Model Team styles, easily becoming one of our favourite bikes of the year so far.

Today’s second ride (below) comes from Flickr’s Andre Pinto, with this fantastically ridiculous Harley Davidson ‘Bagger’. Although beautifully built it looks like an absolute pig to ride, but seeing as this writer might be calling up your Mom later let’s not dwell on that. You can see more of both bikes on Flickr via the links above – click the links to make the jump.

Lego Harley Davidson Bagger

You Can’t Polish a Turd…

Lego Harley Davidson Street Glide Custom

…But you can roll it in glitter. In case you hadn’t guessed, this is so not our kind of motorbike. The Elves, having no taste whatsoever, love it. It is a magnificent build though, and it comes from previous bloggee and TLCB Master MOCer Bricksonwheels. There’s more to see of this, er… ‘unique’ Harley Davidson Street Glide Custom on Flickr – click here to check it out.

Live to Ride

Harley-Davidson 1200cc Sportster

Despite having an engine the same size as this writer’s first car, Harley-Davidsons are not fast bikes. But they do make a noise like a naval gun and that’s pretty cool, unless you’re trying to leave the house in the early hours of the morning, in which case your entire street will hate you. However, ride one during sociable hours and little else is cooler.

This top quality Model Team recreation of the Harley-Davidson 1200cc Sportster comes from Andre Pinto and it looks loud even in the pictures! There’s more to see on both Eurobricks and Flickr – click the links for all the images.

Lego Harley Davidson Motorbike


Lego Harley Davidson Custom 'Ratted' Bagger

TLCB Master MOCer Dennis Glaasker (aka Bricksonwheels) is back with another incredible motorcycle. His latest is a custom Harley Davidson ‘Ratted’ Bagger, and it’s both wonderfully odd and beautiful all at the same time. You can see more of Dennis’ bike and his previous builds at his Flickr photostream – click here to join the ride.


Lego Harley Davidson V-Rod

The Elves have been making ‘bruuuming’ noises all morning and riding around the TLCB Towers on an assortment of office equipment. The cause is this, previous bloggee Henrik Jensen‘s magnificent Harley Davidson V-Rod motorcycle. There lots more to see – including his custom brake discs – on MOCpages. Bruuuum!

Tangerine Dream

Lego Harley Davidson Street Glide

This Harley Davidson Street Glide is the work the amazing Bricksonwheels, and it’s as orange as a budget airline air stewardess. It means an orange Smartie for the Elf that found it and – as any Smartie connoisseur will know – they’re the best kind. See more on Flickr.

Hump Day Motorcycle Special

Lego Motorbike Harley Davidson

The Elves are fiercely competitive creatures. They have to be, otherwise they won’t win any food tokens from TLCB staff. Whilst this occasionally leads to fights/riots, it can also lead to a bumper haul of similar creations. Today is one such event, so here’s our Mid-Week Motorcycle Special!

First up is BricksonWheels’ magnificent Harley Davidson, available to view on Flickr and MOCpages. This black ‘n chrome ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Street Glide continues BricksonWheels’ recent run of motorcycles, and you can check out its predecessors by using the Search function at the foot of this page.

Lego Motorbike Fat PigThe second creation in today’s special swaps chrome for Technic and was discovered by a lucky Elf on MOCpages. Bernhard Mollema‘s motorcycle, nicknamed ‘Fat Pig’*, puts the awesome wheels from the 8448 Supercar set to a great new use. Check it out at the link above.

Lego Motorbike Hard TailThe final creation in this Hump Day Special was suggested to us by one of our readers via the Feedback page. This mean looking Hard Tail, nicknamed ‘Widowmaker’ (it seems you can’t build a motorbike without giving it a name!) is the work of Jonsson on the Eurobricks forum. See the pictures and join in the discussion at the link, and if you’d like to suggest a creation take a look at our Submission Guidelines here.

*Your Mom.

Harley Meet

Lego Harley Davidson MotorbikesNew photo, old MOCs. We’re stretching our own ‘Freshest MOCs on the Net’ rule a little with this, but if there’s any reason for a stretch this is it. BricksonWheels finally photographs all his Harley Davidson motorbikes together. See the shoot on Flickr, and read about how he creates his stunning creations in his interview here.

Two Fat Ladies

Lego Harley Davidson '88'A far more professional Lego site beat us to publishing this spectacular 1:10 Harley Davidson ’88’ by TLCB favourite Brickonwheels, however our witty titles guy is back (points if you get this one!) and it’s just too cool not to post here too. Featuring a chromed 88 cubic inch engine and a brilliant rear wheel choice – using two 2903 wheels with a wide tyre stretched around both – you can find full galleries of this incredible motorcycle on both MOCpages and Flickr.

TLCB also interviewed Bricksonwheels recently and you can read the transcript in our Master MOCers series here, where he shares his building techniques, how he got into LEGO model-making, and his favourite bricks and builders.

The Walking Dead

Lego The Walking DeadIt looks like the Zombie Apocalypse has reached LEGO City too. Luckily there’s a little plastic version of Daryl from The Walking Dead complete with his chopper to keep the other mini-figures safe from the hoarding undead. See more and show your appreciation at Project Azazel‘s photostream.

Wild Hog

Lego Harley DavidsonThis beautiful Harley Davidson, found by one of our Elves on MOCpages, created much excitement within our chaotic workforce. The office was ransacked of all brooms, mops and rulers, which were quickly pressed into service as makeshift motorcycles, to the accompaniment of many ‘Bruumm, bruuuummmm’ noises. A quick blast of an air-horn returned a semblance of normality, scattering the Elves and leaving us to pick up the stolen office paraphernalia dropped during their rapid exit. We have Fred Ottens to thank for the disruption, but we’ve let him off as his Harley is just so good. Click his name to see the whole gallery.

Drag Queens

Lego Harley Davidson

Insert wheelie bar and aero package for twice the awesome

The Lego Car Blog Elves continue their unending search for the best LEGO creations on the world wide web, and today one returned from a romp through Brickshelf with these. MOCer tango-zero has recreated some glorious drag bikes, the latest two of which you can see here. Above is a wonderful Harley Davidson Street Racer, whilst below is the baddest type of bike you can get; an insane Top Fuel Drag Racer. To see these and tango-zero’s other bikes, click his hyperlinked name above.

Lego Top Fuel Drag Racer

A wheelie bar and aero package like this in fact

The Baron is Back

Red Baron Motorbike

From three wings to two wheels

The First World War ace Manfred von Richthofen, otherwise known as the Red Baron, died tragically young like most of those lost in the Great War. However, his aerobatic prowess and number of kills has granted him lasting infamy, and he’s now revered as something of a legend. Bricksonwheels continues the Baron’s story with his stunning ‘Red Baron’ Harley Davidson. Resplendent in the Baron’s famous colour scheme and markings, and with about £1m worth of chrome plated bricks, it might just be the best bike we’ve featured yet. See more at brickonwheels’ Flickr photostream.

Who ate all the pies?

Harley Davidson Fatboy


Bricksonwheels MOC is one of Lego community’s greatest truck-builders, and occasionally he turns his considerable talents to other forms of transport too. Featuring his trademark chrome, this Harley Davidson ‘Fatboy’ motorbike got The Lego Car Blog Elves very excited; running around the office making ‘Brrrm BrrRRRRm’ noises. We’ve finally managed to kick them out so they can continue their search, but secretly we’re very proud of the one that brought this MOC in. View it in greater depth on MOCpages.