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Lego Oshkosh Jackel M-ATV AA

This neat Oshkosh Jackel M-ATV armoured ambulance comes from previous bloggee JBIronWorks. Only 8-studs wide there’s working steering, an opening rear hatch complete with stretcher, and an assortment of military communications paraphernalia. See more on Flickr via the link above.

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Lego Oshkosh HEMTT

Over to Briskshelf for something big. This monstrous Oshkosh HEMTT military truck features 8 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering, independent suspension and nine(!) Power Functions motors. It’s been built by marthart and you can see all the images via the accompanying Brickshelf gallery – just click on the link above.

Lego Oshkosh HEMTT

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Oshkosh Lego

Strategically placed rocks for twice the awesome

Oshkosh, whilst sounding like a foreign narcotic from the ’70s, is in fact a manufacturer of some of the world’s most awesome off-road vehicles. From fire trucks to military transports, Oshkosh’s are used the world over in the harshest conditions. Legohaulic recreates their M-ATV in desert camouflage , complete with working suspension, opening doors, rotating turret and space for four mini-figures. See more on Flickr.

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