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Light Speed

Lego Tron Light Cycle Sariel

1982’s computer-themed adventure Tron might be something of a cult film now, but its initial release was such a failure that it stopped makers Disney from releasing another live action movie for a decade. We suspect Lego-building legend Sariel will have no such trouble with the release of his latest build; easily the coolest thing from the movie, the Tron Light Cycle.

One of our Elves was absolutely on it today, and thus we’ve got hold of this so early that we have no idea what it does (there’s not even a description from the builder at the time of posting this). However, if his previous works are anything to go by then Sariel’s newest creation will be packed with functionality as well as looking damn cool.

You can see all of the images at Sariel’s Flickr photostream, where we expect full build details will be released shortly.

Lego Tron Light Cycle Sariel


Lego Tron Light Cycle

What with it being the first day of the New Year, The Lego Car Blog Elves think they are now living in the future. Because they’re idiots. It’ll wear off soon, but until then they’ve gone all sci-fi.

As such, here’s a slick Tron Light Cycle from Flickr’s MortalSwordsman, complete with a rather alluring rider, and a brilliant Classic Space lunar exploration vehicle from Flickr’s Alec Hole. You can see more of each via the links above.

Lego Classic Space Lunar Rover

Tron Tuesday

Lego TRON Light CycleIt’s a Tuesday, and we have a Tron MOC. The title practically wrote itself! Peter Mowry‘s awesome second generation Light Cycle is a work of Lego art. Based on the vehicles from the movie about a video game-turned-reality (and featuring on the sound-track the only good noise ever to come out of France – Daft Punk) you can see more of this brilliant creation on Peter’s photostream at the link above. The Game has changed.

This is just a game…

Tron Light Cycle

...The game's changed

Normally the Elves only like Christmas films, or films they shouldn’t be watching (see the Taxi Driver post from last week). But there’s something about the bright lights of Tron that holds them captivated like a 3 year old watching Rasta Mouse (Google it). Peter Mowry demonstrates both his epic building and photo-shopping skills with his incredible Tron Light Cycle, complete with Grid and the weird light thingy that shoots from the back. MOCpages has the details.

Tron Light Cycle Lego