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Brown Range

It’s FebRovery, but it’s not all sci-fi lunar rovers here at TLCB. Nope, because here’s the real deal. Launched in 1970 the Range Rover took the immensely successful Land Rover, added coil springs, a luxury-ish interior, and a 3.5 litre V8 engine to create arguably the world’s first luxury off-roader.

Which means of course that the Range Rover is responsible for more hateful gargantuan vehicular atrocities than probably any other car in history, as its success led to the ever increasing SUV arms-race that has culminated in vehicles like this. Apologies if you’re eating whilst reading this.

Still, that’s not exactly the Ranger Rover’s fault, particularly as early 3-door cars were – by modern standards – tiny. And excellent.

Cue this fantastic (and fantastically brown) Creator-style version of the early first-generation Range Rover, as created beautifully by 1corn of Flickr.

Opening doors, hood and split tailgate, a detailed engine and interior, and working suspension all feature, and there’s more to see of 1corn’s superb recreation of the difinitive luxury 4×4 at his ‘Range Rover’ album on Flickr. Click the link above to take a look.

Beautiful Letdown

It amazes this TLCB writer how many Range Rovers there are around TLCB Towers.

These massively-financed, privately-plated wealth statements are rather beautiful of course, both inside and out, and particularly so when compared to rivals such as this abomination. Or this one. Or this one.

However Range Rovers remain a triumph of brand image and beauty over substance, being some of the worst built and most unreliable products you can buy anywhere in the world, with near-Tesla levels of shoddy workmanship.

Perhaps both Land Rover and Tesla the best automotive examples of the shallowness of our social media society, one that values exterior sheen and a projection of success over substance or quality. And, looking at the numbers, maybe they’re on to something…

Thus our preference would be this neat Speed Champions style version of the Range Rover Velar, as built by TLCB regular SP_LINEUP. SP has captured the sleek SUV superbly, and not being constructed by JLR it’s sure to be far better constructed and more reliable than the real thing.

Head to Flickr via the link above to see more of one Range Rover Velar that won’t fall apart.

*Today’s title song.

Range Rozzer

Range Rovers aren’t just for rich London types. Well they are now, but back when the original was around even the police used them. This neat Speed Champions style recreation of a classic police Ranger Rover (in Manchester police livery) comes from TLCB favourite Jonathan Elliott and there’s more to see at his photostream via the link above.

Perfect 10

Lego Town Cars

Awarded a meal-token for every find, one of our Elves is about to get very fat. These ten brilliant Town-scale off-road vehicles are the work of just one builder. Pixel Fox owns the mind (and hands) behind them, and he’s done a simply stupendous job of recreating some of the world’s best known off-roaders in mini-figure scale, as well as building a delightful scene for each one to reside within.

Above, clockwise from top left, are a film-set Hummer H1, South African Volkswagen Syncro, beach-bound Jeep Wrangler TJ and a forestry Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406.

Lego Town Cars

Next are two of the world’s most prolific 4x4s, the iconic Land Cruiser J70 (left) complete with an adorable brick-built rhino, and the legendary Land Rover Defender 90 (right).

Lego Town Cars

The final set of instantly recognisable off-road vehicles is made up of a Mercedes G-Wagon, tragically pictured  on red-carpet duty, a superb Range Rover Series 1 going hunting, a lifted Jeep Cherokee XJ, and a Dakar-spec BMW X5.

Each creation is wonderful in its own right, and you can see more of all ten mini-figure builds at Pixel Fox’s Flickr album by clicking here, whilst we begin feeding a very deserving TLCB Elf!

Range Rover Sport

Lego Range Rover SportA very familiar sight in UK roads (usually in the ‘Audi’ position; three feet from your rear bumper on the motorway), the Range Rover Sport has been a huge success for Land Rover. Ralph Savelsberg recreates the modern icon in its popular ‘drug-dealer’ white. You can see the full gallery on Flickr, and you can see it in the brick – along with many of Ralph’s other vehicles – at the Great Western Lego Show this October.

This Is How We Do It

Lego Tiny TurbosWe don’t often feature Tiny Turbo style creations here at The Lego Car Blog. This is mainly because most have all the design merit and individuality of a 1970s car park. DeTomaso Pantera however, shows how it should be done, with simple but excellent renditions of a Range Rover in Camel Trophy spec, and a Cadillac Fleetwood, amongst many others. See his full line-up on Flickr or MOCpages.

The British Icon

Lego Range Rover

The Elves are still beavering away, bringing us the best creations from around the world. Today this Technic Range Rover by Rabbitdesign MB caught their attention, with the neat combo of loads of great functions and classy looks, he’s nailed it. This week marks the end of mark 3 Range Rover production, as the all new mark 4 reaches showrooms. Hopefully it won’t be long before we see the new version in Lego too. See more on MOCpages via the link above.