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Lego Nautilus Car

Today’s post features a car that is the exact opposite of everything in the staff car park. Extravagant, opulent, unnecessary even… Redfern1950s’ latest creation has more common with TLCB Executive Washroom and Sauna than with anything we’re driving.

It comes of course from the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which was, frankly, not very good. Not so the car, which was built for real in all of its twenty-two foot glory from the remnants of a Ford Cargo truck. It was so real in fact that it really drives, it’s road legal(ish), and a replica recently came up for auction on eBay, although our budget wouldn’t stretch to it.

Lego Nautilus Car

Redfern’s incredible Model Team recreation of Captain Nemo’s ‘Nautilus’ swaps the original white for black (looking a million times more sinister as a result!) and features opening doors and hood, under which is a suitably enormous V12 engine.

There’s a whole lot more to see of this amazing build at Redfern’s photostream – take a look via the link, plus you can see how the original UK-made movie car was built by clicking here and view the recently sold American replica by clicking here.

Lego Nautilus Car

I Don’t Want to Live on This Planet Anymore

Lego Steam Punk Space Rocket

With the news that reality-TV-host/Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump has decided that mining coal is more important than the literal continuation of the climate’s equilibrium, it’s getting tempting to do a Farnsworth, build a spaceship, and leave for a planet less stupid.

It appears as though the enterprising mini-figure pictured above has had the same idea, constructing as he has this magnificent steam punk space rocket, which is – in perfect irony – powered by coal…

Flickr’s Dwalin Forkbeard owns the mind behind this unique creation and there’s more to see at his photostream via the link above. Just please turn the lights out when you’re done. Even Fox News agree, and we never thought we’d type that…


Lego Ford T-Bucket Hot Rod Steampunk

Alternatively fuelled vehicles are nothing new. In fact they’ve been around longer than anyone alive today. The early days of motoring saw a number of fuel sources vying for supremacy, including gasoline, steam and even electricity.

It was of course gasoline that won, and it’s only now – over a century later – that we’re beginning to understand the environmental cost of this technological choice, and make any sort of progress to cleaner mobility.

Previous bloggee Norton74 is takes us back to the start of motoring, long before concerns of global warming and air pollution, with this magnificent steampunk Ford T-Bucket hot rod. We’re not aware that Ford’s Model-T could be had with anything other than a gasoline internal combustion engine, but some of its long-forgotten rivals could be powered by all sorts of things, steam included. It’s not too much of a stretch then to imagine that the hot rodding world could indeed merge a Model T with a steam-car.

Norton’s gloriously strange steampunk T-Bucket is just for show though – underneath all that copper is a typical small-block V8 gasoline engine, there’s no water tank and no furnace – but it looks fantastic. There’s lots more to see on Flickr at Norton’s photostream – click the link above to jump back in time.

Lego Ford Model-T Hot Rod

Well, Do Ya Punk?

Punk Car

We’re feeling quite lucky here at TLCB Towers. Having found a very nice Blower Bentley yesterday, we’ve found this British Racing Green, steam punk roadster today. Moko is its creator and you can see more of the car and accompanying mech on his Photostream and even more on his blog.

To The Petting Zoo!

Lego Steam Punk Train

Well this beats those irritating little road trains that meander painfully slowly around children’s zoo farms. And the hunting party on board might make the petting zoo a more interesting place too.

There’s more to see of redfern‘s ‘Meat Wagon and Hunting Party’ on Flickr. Bring your gun!

Chanel No.5

Gloster Hammer

It’s… er… we have absolutely no idea.

This wacky looking spaceship comes straight from the tangled mind of the oneman on Flickr. Part racer, part lunar lander, part hot rod, we can’t really place this into any of our usual categories. The Elves however, seemed very taken with it, running round The Lego Car Blog Towers making ‘swooshing’ noises until we threw some jellybeans outside and locked the door. To see more weird and wonderful creations from the oneman click his name above.

Static Shock

Sky-Fi Thunderbird

The English Electric Lightning's got nothing on this

Jon Hall on Flickr is man with an impressively original imagination. His ‘T-160 Thunderbird’ is armed with two machine guns, but more frighteningly, 120,000 volts for electrocuting those who displease you. And probably giving everyone within 25 miles one hell of an afro. It reminds us a little of the energy connection mounted to Star Wars Pod-racers, only if Jar-Jar Binks stuck his head between these electrodes he certainly wouldn’t be around to annoy everyone for the rest of the movie.