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Big Man Picture Special

Lego MAN TGS Tow Truck

This beautiful MAN 8×4 tow truck is the work of Flickr and Brickshelf‘s Marek Markiewicz (aka M-Longer), and it’s one of the finest looking Model Team trucks of the year. But its beauty is much more than skin deep. Within the wonderfully replicated bodywork sits one of the most advanced Technic systems we’ve seen to date.

Lego Technic Tow Truck

Thirteen separate functions are generated by a variety of Power Functions motors and Technic pneumatics, which are all remotely controlled through LEGO’s infrared receivers. These include drive, steering, working stabilisers, raising and extending the boom and under-lift, four separate winches, plus an electrically driven pneumatic compressor with auto shut-off.

Lego Technic MAN Wrecker

The only way to do this incredible engineering feat justice is through a video, and fortunately Mr. Markiewicz has created just that. Watch below, be amazed.

YouTube Video:

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LUGPol Video Special

Lego MAN Truck

The steady stream of Elves returning to TLCB office with a great build originating from Poland and/or the LUGPol group indicates that something special must be happening over there.

Marek Markiewicz (aka M_Longer) is one such builder, and his latest work typifies the excellent creations produced by LUGPol’s users. It’s a fully Power Functions remote controlled MAN tipper truck (pictured here with his L580 front loader), and the engineering inside is impeccable. See what Marek’s MAN can do in the video below!

YouTube Video

Lego Ripsaw Tank

Our second creation comes from one of Poland’s most famous builders – and one of the most frequently blogged – the incredible Sariel.

His latest work is probably the most capable remote control Lego vehicle we’ve ever seen. See how unstoppable his Ripsaw XL is via the brilliant video – complete with a killer Death in Vegas soundtrack – below.

YouTube Video

Special thanks go to LUGPol for continuing to supply our Elves with so many high quality creations. We know many LUGPol members visit TLCB, so if you’re one of them and would like us to feature LUGPol as a Group of the Month* let us know how we can find out a bit more about you!

*Or Several Months. We’re quite unreliable with this feature!

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Truck Triple

Lego Kenworth Truck

It’s the last day of 2013, so before we all get drunk to celebrate the arrival of another year, we thought we’d end the current one with a bumper haul.

Our final post of 2013 contains three superb trucks, found by both the Elves and you, our readers. First up is this stunning Kenworth hay-hauler, found on Flickr and built by Maciej Drwiega.

Lego Scania Truck

Next is a creation suggested by a reader via the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page, and one we’ve featured here before; Andrea Lazttanzio (aka Norton74)’s excellent large scale Scania 164G. Andrea has updated his model with a huge Nooteboom trailer and has captured it perfectly in several new outdoor photographs. See them all on Flickr or MOCpages.

Lego MAN Truck

And finally, because good things come in threes and it was also red and white, is Lasse D’s MAN 8×4 cement truck. Complete with Power Functions remote control steering and drive and a rotating barrel, Lasse’s Model Team scale truck is packed with functions and still looks brilliant. See all the photos and a video of the truck’s features on Eurobricks.

And that ends The Lego Car Blog’s coverage of the best LEGO models, sets and news from 2013. Have a great New Year celebration and we’ll see you in 2014!

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The Peoples’ Choice

Lego 41999 Alternative B Model

Technic Man is our kind of builder; his MOCpage is full of properly engineered Technic vehicles. His latest prompted several of you to contact us via The Lego Car Blog Feedback page to ask if it could be featured here, so here it is!

This MAN TGX truck is a good model in its own right, but is even more impressive when you discover it’s built solely from the parts of LEGO’s 2013 41999 Rock Crawler. And for that, we like Technic Man even more, as many of LEGO’s 41999 sets will stay unopened in the basements of speculators and collectors, never to see the light of day or feel the hands they were designed for.

You can read our review of 41999 here, and if you own one, take a leaf out of Technic Man’s book, and have some fun with it!

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Lego MAN TruckA monster truck today, from Nanko Paste on Flickr. His Model Team MAN TGX wrecker features a working compressor and pneumatic under-lift as well as a full suit of interior and exterior details. See more at the link.


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MAN that’s good!


MAN TGX & JCB. Other acronyms available.

Ralph Savelesberg aka Mad Physisist is back, and his latest work earned a lucky Elf two meals!* Found on Flickr, Ralph’s MAN TGX truck, complete with rear-steer trailer, is hauling an ace looking JCB backhoe. To see the full gallery click here.

*Said Elf tried to argue that the trailer counted too, but it was robustly repelled with a stapler.

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Mystery Rescue

Tow Truck

Marin Stipkovic is back, with his incredible Model Team MAN Tow Truck. It’s an almost perfect replica of the real one-of-a-kind vehicle. But what is it built to tow? You’ll have to visit his Flickr page and follow the links to discover…

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