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Surfin’ T

Lego Model T Hot Rod

This gorgeous Ford Model T hot rod was found by one of our Elves on Flickr. It’s been built by previous bloggee Norton74 and it’s almost everything we look for when blogging a creation. You can see all of the beautiful images via Flickr – click here to make the jump – but if you’re a Reader not a Clicker, here are some bonus shots*…

Lego Ford Model-T Hot Rod

*Now click anyway!

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Fire Bucket

Lego Hot Rod

But instead of sand, this one’s full of some very tasty Power Functions stuff. Previous bloggee sm 01 is the builder of this bewitching flame-decalled Model-T hot rod, and he’s packed it with functionality. There’s a LEGO RC Buggy motor for drive, Power Functions working steering and lights, working suspension, door handles and a whole range of custom chromed parts. There’s lots more to see on both Flickr and MOCpages, but the best way to view SM 01’s creation is in motion – check it out in the video below.

YouTube Video:

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The Wheels on the Bus…


Rhys Knight has everyone’s dream job: he gets paid to “play” with Lego, working for Bright Bricks. The Elves have just come back from a raid on MOCpages with two of Rhys’s latest commissions. First is this miniland scale Model T Ford, complete with its starting handle, brick-built folded roof and bodywork in any colour.

The Elves were far more excited by the second new build from Rhys, a giant London Routemaster Bus, based around the Lego Unimog wheels. The Elves were rewarded with a handful of red Smarties (they’re the best sort) and all bundled onto the double-decker singing “The Wheels on the Bus”; continuously, loudly, incessantly, unceasingly, tunelessly.

Unfortunately the TLCB airhorn is out of gas, until they’re on special offer at Aldi again, and so we were powerless to shut them up. This blog post is having to be written from the relative quite of the TLCB walk-in mini-bar. It’s well provisioned, if a bit cold and a bit dark in here. We hope to resume normal service soon but in the meantime why not click on this link to Rhys’s MOCpages to see more of his builds.


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New Kid on the Block

The new kid on the block

An excited Elf returned back to base yesterday with this excellent Ford Model T Hot Rod, which is the first MOC by newcomer Yakov Selutin. While being an incredible debut creation, on Yakov’s MOCpages account you’ll find some clues as to more cool stuff that he’s got coming up.

Visit Yakov’s homepage to check out this rod, and his upcoming vehicles, by clicking the link above.

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Laurel & Hardy

Lego Laurel and HardyIn the early days of cinema one comedy due rose above all others, becoming giants of the medium. Laurel and Hardy starred in dozens of films and brought laughter to millions. Almost 100 years later they are still one of the best known double acts in film comedy.

Ralph Savelsberg (aka Mad Physicist) pays homage to the legendary twosome with the car most associated with them, the Ford Model T (and of course, with everyone else in the late 1920s, as it’s estimated over 70% of all the cars on the roads worldwide during this period were Ford Model Ts). See more of Laurel, Hardy and their vintage wheels on Flickr at the link above.


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Snow Bucket

Lego T-Bucket Hot Rod

The Lego Car Blog Elves are not enjoying the weather howling outside the office this week. The office itself though, is lovely and warm, so we’re not too bothered. Today’s find arrived this morning in the hands of a rather bedraggled Elf (now stationed by a radiator) and comes from Jonathan Derksen on Flickr and MOCpages, and it’s possibly the most weather-inappropriate vehicle we’ve ever come across. But it is cool. See all the photos of Jonathan’s Ford Model-T hot rod ‘Snow Bucket’ via the links above.


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Mr. T

Lego Ford Model-T

The Elves are still hard at work, despite the miserable weather outside The Lego Car Blog Towers. Today’s find, by an Elf who’s now pegged up by the ears near a radiator to dry out, is an unusual model in Lego form.

We’re not really sure why Ford’s Model-T is overlooked by the Lego-building community, what with it being one of the most numerous (and famous) cars ever produced. Brickshelf’s solic helps to give the vintage vehicle some plastic recognition with his superb Technic Model-T truck. It comes compete with authentic leaf sprung suspension, Power Functions control and a working piston engine. See all the photos on Brickshelf at the link above.

Technic Ford Model-T

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Model T Spyder

Lego Model T Spider

MagicTubaPixie’s ‘Arachnid’. We’ll overlook the leg count because it’s so cool.

The ‘other’ Spyder. This one doesn’t have a folding roof, but it does have six spindly legs for off-roading/parallel parking/scaring pedestrians. Built by the possibly slightly unhinged MagicTubaPixie, you can see more on Brickshelf.

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