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What’s the Story?

Morning Glory 500w

It might be well into Ma.Ktober but here at The Lego Car Blog, we’re still not sure what that is. One of the Elves thinks that it has something to do with October being rainy and people needing coats but we’re not convinced. In the meantime, a crew of Elves has just dragged this late entry to SHIPtember up the stairs to our penthouse office. It’s the work of Crimso Giger on Flickr, who is well-known for his colourful sci-fi builds. We think that he’s outdone himself here in creating this 132 stud long, dazzling monster.

The appropriately named “Morning Glory”, seems to have a certain gravitas to it, despite being a feast of red, yellow and black patterns. This deep-space ship features brick-built wings and loads of greebling in all three of its colours. We post photos at a maximum of 500 wide on TLCB, so it’s well worth clicking this link to the Flickr page to take it all in. If you’re a bit overwhelmed by this SHIP (the Elves who delivered it to us nearly were) then relax your eyes with a spacecraft, in the very unusual colour of green, by the same builder. The Elves liked Crimso’s “Soyuz 2267” because it reminded them of the “Starbug” from Red Dwarf, which is a treat for them to watch if they’ve worked VERY hard. Click this link to its Flickr page, to see more.

Crimso Soyuz 500w

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Go Wide!

Go Wide

This year has seen a new month added to Lego builders’ calendars on Flickr: SHIPtember. A SHIP is a Seriously Huge Investment in Parts and is typically over 100 studs in length. Builders from all over the world have been posting photos of both WIPs and completed projects, which are generally long and thin. Dover (Drew) has chosen to take a sideways look at the theme, literally, and produced this 101 stud wide Bubble Fighter.

The spacecraft is based on one flown by Matt LeBlanc in the 1998 film of “Lost in Space“. It has a pistol grip handle to hold when swooshing it and rotating wings too. There’s also some nice parts usage, with the Christmas decoration cockpit and especially the real teeth in the markings on the wings. The Elf who discovered this MOC is still a bit upset by the big, pointy fangs. Please don’t be scared to check more photos of this colourful spacecraft by clicking this link to its Flickr page.

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That’s What She Said

Lego SpaceshipIt’s so big! And long! It might not fit in. Is it loaded and ready to fire? Ok, we’ll stop. Lego Admiral’s 7ft 6inch (286 studs) ship is part of Flickr’s ‘SHIPtember’ project, where this September builders are producing sci-fi models over 100 studs in length. We don’t really understand sci-fi here at TLCB, so we had to resort to innuendo, but if it’s your thing check out both Lego Admiral’s amazing model and the competition here.

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