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Galactic Thievery

If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on at The Lego Car Blog, it’s beating The Brothers Brick to publishing creations. OK, that and ‘Your Mom’ jokes. Two things*.

Cue much Elven shuffling and looking at the floor therefore, when we found these superb space-based Speed Champions racers at the aforementioned website fun-vacuum, instead of being brought to us by one of our smelly little workers.

Still, much as we hate losing a race with The Brothers Brick, we do rather like the idea of racing in space, particularly if the racers feature the repurposed decals and printed parts from LEGO’s excellent Speed Champions sets.

TLCB newcomer Eric TheSkeleton owns the hands behind them and there’s more to see of each glorious galactic racer at his photostream. Jump to the action via the link above, whilst we post something that’s not stolen from a vastly more competent Lego site…

*And Putin-has-a-tiny-penis jokes. Beating The Brothers Brick, Your Mom jokes, and mocking Putin. Three things.

Chequer Plate

Lego Sci-Fi Space Survey Truck

Chequers in Lego always seem to look the business. And never more so than when in space. We’re not sure why this is, but we don’t make the rules. The Elves found two spacey creations employing chequers this week, and both look, well – the business.

Shannon Sproule‘s survey truck (above) and David Roberts‘ GARC race team (below) both tread the black and yellow chequer plate route and you can see more of both wonderfully inventive creations on Flickr at the links above.

Lego GARC Race Team

Space Rods

Lego Space Hot Rods

Because aliens need nice rides too. Adam Dodge is the builder of these two and you can see more here.

Red Letter Day

We’ve got a lot of red Smarties to give out today…

Lego Technic Truck Trial Tatra 813

The Elves, upon the recent discovery that red Smarties are made from crushed beetles, have gone on a bonanza of frenzied online treasure-hunting not seen since those pictures of Jennifer Lawrence were leaked. As a result we have no less than five(!) red creations to show you, from five disgusting and delighted Elves.

At No.5 is this stupendous remote control Technic Tatra 813 trial truck by Eurobricks’ Madoca 1977. It features 8-wheel-drive via two Power Functions XL motors, RC steering, LED lights, a V12 piston engine, and the obligatory-for-truck-trial awesome suspension. You can see more details of this incredible machine at the Eurobricks forum linked above.

Lego Ford LTD

At the other end of the scale, and our red No.4, is this classically-built 1977 Ford LTD. Newcomer FirstInfantry is the builder, and you can see more of his 6-wide classic, and his other beautifully simple vehicles, on Flickr.

Lego Pilatus PC-7 Aircraft

In at No.3 we have this lovely little Pilatus PC-7 plane created by one of our favourite aircraft builders; Flickr’s Dornbi. Bedecked in pretty Swiss colours Dornbi’s Pilatus has one of the nicest brick-built canopies we’ve seen. See more of his work via the link above.

Lego SHIPtember GARC Spacecraft

For No.2 we head into space. And also into the weird world of SHIPtember. And GARC. And probably some other Lego memes we know little-to-nothing about. Anyway, despite our sci-fi ineptitude, this one-hundred-and-fifteen-stud-long behemoth still looks pretty cool to us. The red giant is entitled ‘Sphyraena’ (we’re glad we’ve just had to type that rather than pronouncing it) and it can be found on F@bz Flickr photostream here.

Lego Technic Truck

And finally at No.1 we have this; Lucio Switch aka Ivan Manarin‘s beautiful pneumatic and remote controlled Technic truck. One of the most superbly photographed models of the year, Ivan’s masterclass in Technic features four XL motors for drive, a servo for steering, a M motor for the air suspension pump, another for the fifth wheel, two sets of IR receivers and three Power Functions battery packs. Oh, and eight(!) pneumatic cylinders, plus three valves and two pumps. Have a guess how many shock absorbers each front wheel needs to deal with that lot. Now triple it. It’s the Technic truck of the year.

So there you have it; five happy Elves and five stunning red creations. You can check each model out via the links in the accompanying text – which is your favourite?


Lego GARC Space Racer

The Elves have been thoroughly useless at finding anything remotely Easter-related this weekend. The best they could do was a camper from a year ago. However all is not lost, because it’s a little-known fact that the Easter Bunny, who’s death in the Galactic Asteroid Race Circuit we remember at this time of year, was a highly skilled space pilot. Sylon-tw pays his tributes to the fallen rabbit with this excellent GARC ship. See more and pay your respects too on Flickr via the link above, or you can check out an alternative Easter theory here.

Space Race

Lego Micro GARC

The racing-livery theme of the last few days continues, only this time we’re looking far into the future, where the Galactic Asteroid Rally Circuit (GARC) is the new number one motorsport. First up (above) is 4estFeller‘s Micro GARC, complete with Pirelli decals. No, we don’t know why either, but it looks damn cool! Our second entrant from Flickr’s GARC group is the work of Simon Liu aka Si-MOCs (below), which features some ace-looking day-glo speed lines. See more of both builds and the GARC group that spawned them via the links.