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Antelopean Apparition

Lego Technic Chevrolet Impala

We haven’t seen the ghostly US drama ‘Supernatural’ because, well… it sounds a bit shit. Besides, Buffy did it all 8 years before and she’s really pretty. Anyhoo, whilst we don’t really care much for the show, we do care very much for this, the brilliantly menacing ’67 Chevrolet Impala used throughout the programme.

This stunning Technic replica of the Supernatural Impala comes from car-building legend and TLCB Master MOCer Sheepo, who has returned from the dead after two years away from his bricks.

Powered by two XL motors, with a Servo motor controlling a two-speed semi-automatic gearbox, a medium motor driving the steering, and another the auto-opening trunk lid, Sheepo’s creation is packed with spooky automated functions that bring it to life.

The Impala also features working door locks, a detailed V8 engine, double wishbone front and live-axle rear suspension, and a fully detailed interior.

A complete gallery of images is available to view at Sheepo’s excellent website, which also includes a video of the model in action. Head over to sheepo.es by clicking here for the build’s full details, or visit the Eurobricks discussion by clicking here.

Lego Technic Chevrolet Impala RC

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Animal Automobiles

Lego Chevrolet Impala

Automobile manufacturers have long used animal names for their products. From Cobra to Cougar, Ram to Raptor, and Stag to Stingray, it’s the fiercest and most dangerous of the animals that seem to catch the eye of marketing departments.

However Chevrolet decided not to go down the deadly-animal route when picking a name for their new luxury sedan in the late ’50s, instead choosing to name their new car after a medium-sized antelope from Africa that’s the favoured food of lions and cheetahs.

Despite Chevrolet’s new car not being called something big and scary, nor sharing a single characteristic with the light and nimble Impala that provided its name, it was a roaring success, becoming the best-selling car in America in the mid-60s. Although powered by a typical inline-6 or a V8 engine the Impala was uncharacteristically forward-thinking for an American barge, and included such developments as cruise control and fuel injection.

Of course in the ’80s and ’90s the Impala had become – like every American car from the time – total crap, but let’s not dwell on that automotive wasteland and instead focus on the Impala’s golden age, with this wonderful sky-blue 1960 example from Flickr’s Ralph Savelsberg.

Featuring opening doors, hood and trunk, and a detailed engine-bay and interior there’s lots to see – click on the link above to visit Ralph’s photostream for all of the images.

Lego Chevrolet Impala 1960

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Play Your Cars Right

Lego '59 Chevy Impala Gasser

From the A-Team to Only Fools and Horses, 1980s television created some utterly brilliant cult shows. ‘Play Your Cards Right’ was not one of them – a game show in which contestants play a simple card guessing game in order to win mediocre prizes is not a recipe for televisual excitement. Today though, we’ve found two creations that make the ‘higher or lower’ game much more fun.

First up, and ‘higher’ is Tim Inman‘s 1959 Chevrolet Impala gasser van. ‘Altitude’ is fitted with a ridiculous V8, some ace sign-writing, and of course the all important gasser raised suspension. The ‘lower’ Impala to Tim’s gasser is fulfilled by fellow Flickr car builder Lino Martins, and his beautiful 1959 Impala low-rider ‘Low Life’. Both Tim and Lino’s complimenting ’59 Impalas can be found on Flickr – click the links in the text to see more.

Lego 1959 Chevrolet Impala lowrider


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Impala Steak

Chevrolet Impala

V8 Diner and V8 Car

This beautiful scene comes courtesy of ER0L on Flickr, where he’s parked his gorgeous mini-fig scale Chevrolet Impala outside a rockin’ classic American diner. To see more of ER0L’s creations, visit his Flickr photostream here.

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They see me rollin’

Impala Lowrider

Bounce bounce bounce bounce

Orion Pax is back! This is his latest creation, a Chevrolet Impala Low Rider. A cool enough creation based upon looks alone, Orion goes one further, because this car really works. The suspension is controlled by Lego’s Power Functions motors, so it can bounce, scrape, buck and do other Low-Ridery type things. Check it out at Orion’s blog, or view the video on Flickr.

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