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James Young

Who? Well back in the ’60s (and a lot more before then), you could buy a car without a body. Usually a really posh one.

The point was a coach builder could create something more bespoke, and they were used frequently by the top luxury automotive brands of the time including Bentley, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and – of course – Rolls Royce.

This particular coach-built Rolls Royce is a 1960s Phantom V Limousine by James Young, and it has been recreated rather beautifully in Technic form by Agent 00381 of Eurobricks.

A full ‘Technic Supercar’ chassis sits underneath the elegant bodywork, with all-wheel suspension, working steering, an ‘auto’ gearbox, and a V8 engine.

Opening doors, hood, trunk, and glovebox are included, and there’ s even a rising partition to separate the peasant driving up front from the elite classes riding in the back.

There’s more of Agent’s Rolls Royce Limousine to see – including a link to building instructions and a video of the model’s features – at the Eurobricks forum. Click the link above to enter the rear of James Young.

Black Phantom

Lego Rolls Royce Phantom

Aircraft, a creepy opera character, and a ghostly spectre all wear the Phantom name, but this is our favourite; the near 6-meter long, 6.75 litre V12-engined Rolls Royce. Launched in 2003 the Phantom is only just due for replacement, but even those that are now 13 years old still command a high price tag. TLCB regular Ralph Savelsberg has built one that’s far more attainable though, and you can see more of his instantly recognisable recreation at his photostream via the link above.

Israeli Air

Lego F-4E Kurnass Phantom

Israel is a force to be reckoned with in the Middle East, thanks largely to some serious U.S-provided hardware. Still, with Russia having provided most of Israel’s neighbours, on which it is not on good terms, with their own tools of death it’s turned out well for everyone… oh wait, no that’s not right.

Anyway, on to this particular instrument of U.S meddling, the glorious McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom (re-named ‘Kurnass’ for the Israeli Air Force), which the state used up until their switch to F-16s in 2004. This perfect Lego recreation of the famous fighter comes from TLCB regular and Brothers Bricker Ralph Savelsberg, and you can see all the images at his photostream here.

Lego F-4 Phantom

Fetch the Phantom Jeeves

Lego Rolls Royce Phantom III

Never was the division of the classes more obvious than when the 1930s social elite were being driven to their next dinner party; safe and warm inside the quilted cocoon of their luxury cabin, sipping spirits from the onboard drinks cabinet and chuckling at the peasants outside. Which is where poor Jeeves was sitting, at the wheel, in the cold, and covered in soot. There are absolutely no parallels with this and TLCB office staff and the Elves at all…

Whilst we feel slightly guilty, and then quickly get over it with a few beers, you can see more of the glorious 1937 Rolls Royce Phantom III Sedanca de Ville pictured above by clicking this link to ER0L’s photostream. Or you can get your butler to do it.

High Roller

Lego Technic Rolls Royce Phantom II

I left the Jag and I took the Rolls, if they aint cutting then I put ’em on foot patrol.
How you like me now, when my pinky’s valued over three hundred thousand,
Lets drank you the one to please, Ludacris fill cups like double D’s.
Me and Ursh once more and we leave ’em dead, we want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed

Indeed. The sage words of Ludacris and Usher there, on why driving a Rolls Royce is a splendid thing to do. This one is a classic 1934 Phantom, built by martijnnab of Eurobricks. It’s fully remote control with a working engine, functioning rear suspension, and side-opening bonnet, suicide doors and trunk. You can see more of the Roller at the link above.

Lego Technic Rolls Royce Phantom II

Town Trio

Lego Town Cars

This lovely trio of Town cars was discovered by a very fortunate Elf. An Elf which now has three meal tokens. Will it use these over a number of days, or will it go on a bender and use all three in the next hour? We think we know the answer to that…

Anyway, as we prepare for the appearance of a perfectly spherical – and possibly quite ill – Elf, you can check out its finds by heading to Aitor Fernandez‘ MOCpage. There’s an ’80s Ford Crown Victoria taxi, a beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom, and a neat ’65 Pontiac Firebird – all of which can be viewed via the link above.

Plausibly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before

Lego Star Fighter

Fighter, 2086 style

Apologies for all the sci-fi posts in recent times, for some reason the Elves seem to be in a Spacey mood. Still, today’s post is different from most of the Lego spaceships circulating the interweb. Set only a few decades in the future, Shannon Ocean’s Mcdonnel Dougles F4 Phantom III is recognisably using current technology, from the reflective tiles to the rockets, and is manufactured by a well-known defence company. It’s also, not unlike the Space Shuttle, looking a little rough around the edges, as the missions take their toll. In other words; Plausible Science-Fiction. See more on Flickr.

Ghostly Roller

Rolls Royce Phantom

The Original Phantom Drop-Head

Er0l’s back, with a 1930s classic. This beautiful little MOC is a Rolls Royce Phantom(ish), and is on MOCpages for your viewing pleasure.