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Retro Rally Renaissance

Lego Rally Car

This gloriousy retro looking rally car is the work of  Arran Hearn aka ‘Delta Triangle’ on Flickr. Mr. Triangle seems to have taken all of our favourite bits from all of our favourite late ’80s and early ’90s rally cars and chucked them all into one stupendous model. It’s safe to say the whole office wants this. A lot.

Check out all the photos of this marvellous creation and congratulate the inspired builder behind it on Flickr here.

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The Usual Suspects

Lego Burnout Revenge

Here at The Lego Car Blog we post a huge variety of creations from the several different sources to where our Elves have been sent. But that doesn’t stop a few builders featuring here every other week it seems!

Senator Chinchilla is one of them, producing stunning vehicles at lightning speed. This week’s is a recreation of the ‘Factory R190 GT’ from the classic video game ‘Burnout Revenge’. See all the pictures on Flickr here, by which time he’ll probably have built something new.

The 'r' of red and racing

After interviewing Jens M (one half of the due LegoExotics) last week, we saw a teaser picture of his latest project, and here it is finished.

The model is unmistakably a Ferrari 458 Italia GT3. Pure Italian, pure quality, pure LegoExotics. If you’d like to see more pictures of this breathtakingly good Ferrari, go check out the gallery on Flickr.

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Dark Horse

Lego Ferrari 458 Italia GT3

Octan, LEGO’s fictional oil company since 1992, has seen a huge range of vehicles adorned with its livery over the years. From F1 cars to power boats, the list of sets and MOCs to include the iconic red and green colours is almost endless. None though, have looked as superb as this.

Built by TLCB’s current Master MOCers ‘LegoExotics’ (aka Sven B and Jens M) have recreated the mighty Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 race car in incredible detail. And then they’ve added the livery of the greatest fictional oil company ever. So right does their creation look that it would probably convince anyone outside of the Lego Community that it’s a copy of a genuinely sponsored racing car.

The result is that we have a new favourite car of the 2013, and LegoExotics are now perhaps the best active Model Team vehicle builders anywhere in the world.

To see all the photos of their magnificent Ferrari 458 head over to LegoExotic’s photostream, and to read their Lego story in The Lego Car Blog’s ‘Master MOCers’ series, including a sneak preview of what they’re building next, click here to be redirected to their interview.

Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 Lego

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Prius at the Gym

Toyota TS030

Hybrids, so long a favourite of tree hugging hippy types, are starting to get cool. Porsche’s 918, Ferrari’s LaFerrari, McLaren’s P1 and modern Formula 1 cars are changing the perception of what a hybrid can do. Toyota, one of the first to make hybrid technology work in the real world, took their TS030 hybrid racer to Le Mans this year, finishing second to a hybrid Audi.

Brought to our attention via the Submission Suggestions page, Lego Builder Jr. has recreated the podium scoring Toyota on MOCpages and Flickr in its early red and white livery. See more via the links above, and if you’re still in doubt that hybrid can be cool, take a listen to this.

Toyota TS030 Le Mans

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Race Horse

Ferrari 156 Race CarThis magnificent 1963 Ferrari 156 comes from one of TLCB’s favourite racing car builders, the amazing bobalexander! Bob has featured a number of times on TLCB with a variety of superb classic race cars, and perhaps this is his most iconic yet.

The Ferrari 156 was one of the first Formula 1 cars to adapt to the new regulations, which in 1961 required tiny 1.5 litre engines. This was long before the days of turbo-chaging, direct injection, KERS and all the other power-boosting technology we’re used to today. Despite the engine being somewhat outside of Ferrari’s comfort zone, the 156 won the World Championship in both 1961 and 1964, and was piloted by some of the best drivers of the era; Phil Hill, John Surtees and Wolfgang Von Trips (who tragically died in his) to name a few.

You can see more of bobalexander!’s beautiful Model Team version of the Ferrari 156 via the link above, or see his other creations that have featured here on TLCB by clicking here.

Lego Ferrari F1 car

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The M1 Procar was arguably the first proper ‘M’ car from BMW, starting probably the most famous in-house tuned range of vehicles in the world. It was also a proper racer, wearing the now iconic BMW Motorsport Division stripes. Rolling Bricks recreates the legend, stripes included, on Flickr and MOCpages. See more of his superb recreation via the link above, or at his MOCpage here.

Lego BMW M1

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Cosmic Raceway

Lego Spaceship Race

Insert Yogi Bear for twice the awesome

Time to jump in The Lego Car Blog Time Machine and go all the way back to 1978, long before this writer was even born. Hold on tight…

One of the most peculiar but brilliant cartoons to come out of the famous Hannah-Barbera studios was the insane ‘Yogi’s Space Race’. Hannah-Barbera were on a bit of a roll in the ’70s, with stupendous shows like Scooby Doo, The Flintstones, Top Cat and Hong Kong Phooey all beaming onto televisions around the world. All this success must’ve led to a massive narcotics and alcohol-fueled binge, because the studio promptly went mental and sent one of their best loved picnic-pinching bears into space for an intergalactic version of Wacky Races. Only 13 episodes were made before Yogi returned to Yellowstone Park to see out his days stealing cake and dodging Ranger Smith, but all were TV gold.

The splendidly named onosendai2600 recaptures this retro-madness with his glorious Galactic Asteroid Rally Circuit (GARC) racers. All are made in a distinctly old-school style, whilst also being wildly futuristic. You can see the full gallery of all four Asteroid Racers on Flickr.

Lego Space Racer

Galactic Asteroid Rally Racing. Obviously.


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Open Happiness

Toyota MR2

Toyota MR2 Turbo

An unusual paint job for a race car, but somehow it seems to work. Dylan Denton is the creator behind this 1997 Toyota MR2 Race Car, complete with fizzy drink sponsorship. Unfortunately for us it got the Elves in the mood for sugar, and we’re still fixing The Lego Car Blog office as a result. So whilst we get busy with the gaffer tape, you can view the MR2’s full gallery on Flickr.

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