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Nice Paint Job


Only the toughest, most elite* of TLCB Elves is sent foraging in MOCpages nowadays.  “Bonk, Smash, Thud” isn’t just the noise of MOCpages breaking again, it’s also the sound of malnourished Elves collapsing with hunger.  It’s hard to find good Lego vehicles and get Smarties to eat when the site crashes for so long, so relatively regularly.  MOCpages has been the spiritual Lego home for many top quality builders over many years.  Sadly, more and more builders have become inactive there and fled to other websites.  However, there are still gems to found on the ‘pages.

A case in point are the cars built by Rene Scheruebl.  Rene’s latest vehicles are in the Lego Speed Champions, 6-wide scale.  They include a Mercedes 190 Evo, an Audi 200 V8 and the BMW M3 Sport Evolution featured here.  Building these cars must require very steady hands, as they all feature tiny decals and neatly painted stripes.  Whilst the techniques might offend purists, the results are impressive and well worth a visit to Rene’s MOCpages account; if the website happens to be working…

*Fattest actually.  The low chance of meal tokens is a good way to sneakily put them on a diet.

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Black and Yellow

Lego BMW M3 (E30)

BMW’s first generation M3 is one of our very favourite cars. Small, light, and not particularly powerful, it’s the antidote to the ridiculous ongoing power-war between the premium brands that’s resulting in ever faster, yet ever fatter and ever more expensive ‘drivers cars’.

Lego E30 BMW M3

The E30 M3 takes us back to basics, when drivers cars were about, well… driving. We’re not alone in thinking this either, as the values of these early M3s are soaring, putting them well out of reach of appearing in TLCB staff carpark.

Fear not though, as MOCpages’ Daniel H. has a plan to make the E30 BMW M3 a whole lot more affordable. Daniel’s slickly recreated Model Team replica of the famous sports saloon was suggested to us by a reader, and it’s available to vote for on the LEGO Ideas platform now.

Lego BMW M3 E30

Featuring a detailed interior, chassis and engine, plus opening doors, hood and trunk, Daniel’s M3 would make a superb addition to LEGO’s expanding officially-licensed vehicle line up.

You can see all the images at Daniel’s MOCpage via the link above, and you can vote for this creation to become an official LEGO set by clicking here.

Lego BMW M3

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Mechanical Three

Lego Technic BMW M3

BMW’s M3 super-saloon is still one of the best driver’s cars in the world. Over the years the M3 has got bigger, heavier, much more powerful, and much, much faster. But it has also become more electronic, less natural, and – although the YouTube statistician commenters will disagree – less fun.

This, the 1980s E30 M3, comes from a time when lightness, simplicity, modest power, and mechanical rather than electronic engineering created probably the best M-Car that BMW ever made, and this superb Technic recreation by damjan9PL/daminple mirrors its subject by going the same route.

There’s not a Power Functions motor anywhere, as instead the model focusses on Technic mechanics, with a working four-cylinder engine, independent suspension, working steering, adjustable seats and opening doors, hood and trunk.

You can see the E30’s full gallery on Brickshelf here, and you can join the discussion at the Eurobricks forum here.

Lego Technic BMW M3 E30

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M3 Halftrack


This WWII vintage M3 Halftrack is the work of Swedish builder =DoNe= (a.k.a. Viktor). The Elves were attracted to it as, despite it only being seven studs wide, there was loads of room in the front to drive it and even more space to climb in the back and play with the machine gun. We at TLCB Towers liked this MOC because of the neat techniques that Viktor has used to get the shape right for the front of the vehicle. The use of plates with clips to make the mudguards and radiator grille works very well. There’s also some nice parts usage in the running gear inside the tracks and the Technic pins in the windscreen frame. You can see more details of this build by clicking this link to its MOCpages listing. In the meantime, can anybody lend The Lego Car Blog some scissors? An Elf has got tangled in the Halftrack’s working winch and we’re going to have to cut him out…

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