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Seventies Scania

Lego Scania LBS141

This stunning model is a near perfect replica of one of the most powerful trucks of the 1970s, the 375bhp V8-powered Scania LBS141.

Built by Master MOCer Dennis Bosman aka LegoTrucks it’s very probably one of the most accurate recreations of a real-world vehicle that this site has ever featured; there are even parts of this build where offsets are less than half-a-stud in width. Much like a bumblebee shouldn’t – by all mathematic calculations – be able to fly, we’re pretty sure that an offset of less than half-a-stud is an impossibility too, but nevertheless Dennis has confounded the maths.

There’s lots more to see of this incredible creation at Dennis’ photostream, which is packed full of exquisite models such as this. Click the link above to gaze in wonder, and you can read more about the builder via Season 1 of our Master MOCer series here.

Lego Scania Truck Dennis Bosman

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Drop it Like it’s Hot

Lego Scania 112M Truck

This neat classic Scania 112M truck complete with a huge dropside trailer and crane comes from previous bloggee and truck-building specialist Arian Janssens. Measuring over 100 studs long and built during September it probably qualifies for the current community bandwagon too*. There’s lots more to see at Arian’s Flickr photostream – click the link above to make the jump.

*It definitely doesn’t.

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Sunshine Scania

Lego Technic RC Scania Truck

Another day and another Elf returns to TLCB Towers in the hope of receiving a meal token and a Smartie. A hope realised, as this remote control Technic Scania truck is just the sort of model that this blog was created for. Built by newcomer Fig850 it features RC drive, steering and tilting cab (powered by an L motor each), a remotely operated three-speed gearbox, a V8 piston engine and working front and rear suspension. You can see more via Eurobricks at the link above whilst we dispense a yellow Smartie to a happy Elf.

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Long Load

Lego Scania R500

Dennis Bosman’s mighty Scania R500 with Broshuis extendable trailer has appeared here before, and he’s recently updated his build to reflect the unique way that long items can be transported in the Netherlands, with the load raised above the cab to reduce the overall vehicle length. It’s a seriously impressive piece of equipment, whether in real life or Lego form, and you can see more of the brick-built version on Flickr by clicking here.

Lego Scania Truck

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Build Big

Lego Scania R500 Truck Menck M154

The ridiculously talented Dennis Bosman has featured here numerous times over the years (and is one of our original Master MOCers), and he’s recently re-visted one of his oldest builds. This incredible recreation of a Menck M154 dragline excavator was built by Dennis over 12 years ago, and it’s now been re-photographed atop his stunning Scania R500 truck complete with Faymonville low-loader trailer.

Lego Menck M154 dragline excavator

The beautifully built truck and trailer measure a combined 7ft in length, which gives some indication of just how massive the dragline is. You can see more of the Menck and the incredible details and functionality it contains by clicking this link to Dennis’ photostream, where you can also see the full gallery of his Scania R500 and low loader with a variety of awesome loads.

Lego Scania R500 Truck Dennis Bosman LegoTrucks

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Top of the Line

Lego Scania R730 V8 Topline remote control truck

This magnificent Scania R730 V8 Topline comes from TLCB favourite Shineyu of Eurobricks. Brilliantly blending Technic and Model Team style construction, Shineyu’s Scania looks superbly accurate and yet also manages to include good functionality, with remote control drive courtesy of two XL motors and a Medium motor for the steering. There’s more to see at the Eurobricks discussion forum – click the link above to make the jump.

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Scania G480 Crane Truck – Picture Special

Lego Technic Scania G480 Crane Truck

TLCB favourite shineyu is back with another glorious Technic creation; a truly enormous Scania G480 10×4 crane truck. Inside the superbly accurate bodywork are ten LEGO Power Functions motors and four infrared receivers, giving shineyu’s Scania a huge breadth of motorised functions, all of which can be controlled remotely.

Lego Remote Control Scania Truck

The drive, steering, boom elevation, rotation and extension, stabilisers, and rear tail-lift are all remotely operational, being powered directly by a motor, linear actuator, or through some expert mechanical engineering.

There’s lots more to see courtesy of shineyu’s MOCpage or via the Eurobricks discussion forum – click the links to view all of the images available.

Lego Technic RC Scania Crane Truck

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Big Blue

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 14.49.00

After a couple of weird posts we’re back to what we know, with this beautifully built classic Scania LB 141 V8 6×4 truck complete with Nooteboom ODU trailer. Previous bloggee Nanko Klein Paste is the builder and you can see more of his stunning creation on Flickr.

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Lego Technic Scania Truck

‘Tis the season of cutting down trees, dressing them in tinsel and watching them… er, slowly die. But mankind’s appetite for timber is year-round, and it is machines like this that keep the supply of wood coming.

This is a Scania R620 logging truck, complete with centrally-mounted crane and 4-axle trailer. Built by Zbiczasty of Brickshelf it has a huge array of LEGO’s most trick parts squeezed inside it. Working lights, remote control steering and all-wheel-drive all feature, plus – much like LEGO’s own flagship models – Zbiczasty has combined these with a pneumatics system for even more realism.

Lego Pneumatic Crane

A Power Functions motor compresses air for the pneumatic cylinders, which power the stabilising feet, crane boom and the wood-handling grab. These are all mid-mounted between the tractor unit and the trailer, thus allowing logs to be loaded seamlessly onto both structures.

There’s a large gallery of excellent images, including some close-up photographs of some of the more intricate parts of the build, available via Brickshelf – click the link above to see more of Zbiczasty’s superb build.

Lego Technic Logging Truck Power Functions

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Shiny Scania

Lego Technic Scania Truck

This superb remote control Scania R730 truck was discovered on MOCpages today. It’s been built by previous bloggee Shineyu Yu, who has matched his latest build to scale with LEGO’s own Mercedes-Benz Arocs truck. Underneath the Technic bodywork is a set of Power Functions motors and LED lights, and there’s lots more to see on either MOCpages or Eurobricks – click the links to make the jump.

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Scale Scania

Lego Scania Truck

This beautifully detailed Scania 143M was found on Brickshelf today. It’s the work of previous bloggee Ingmar Spijkhoven and it features suspension, RC drive and steering, working lights, a detailed V8 engine, and a functioning fifth wheel. See more via the link above.

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Bluesome Twosome

Lego Scania DAF Trucks

What’s better than one brilliant heavy haulage truck? Two of course. Nanko Klein Paste has obliged with this pair of stunning classic Sarens tractor units. Both are exquisitely detailed and you can see more of each by clicking on these magic words.

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Tiny Trio

Small Lego Cars

Our Elves tend to favour big creations, with which they can run down their colleagues and smush them into the carpet. But here in TLCB office we like small creations too, showing what skill and clever parts usage can achieve over big budgets and unlimited bricks. Here are three of the best uploaded to the interweb this week. From left to right;

  1. keko007‘s Town-scale Scania/Liebherr crane, featuring working outriggers and boom and suggested to us by a reader. See it in action on Brickshelf.
  2. Karf Oohlu‘s ‘Lil Hot Rod’. Unusual Lego pieces used in unusual ways results in one of the most original creations on the ‘net. See how he’s done it on Flickr.
  3. Angka Utama‘s ‘Targa’, a masterclass in 6-wide vehicle design. You can see more of Angka’s latest work on either Flickr or MOCpages.

All are proof you don’t need access to a Legoland-sized pile of pieces to build something great. If you’ve found a small creation that you think should appear here you can let us know – just drop us a comment at the Feedback page.

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Top Of The Line

Lego Scania Topline Truck

This enormous black truck was unearthed by one of our Elves on Brickshelf. Built by Havoc it’s a Scania Topline and it features some simply incredible detailing. Havoc’s enabled this by building big; those wheels are from the official (and huge) LEGO Technic 8110 Unimog set. The full Brickshelf gallery is well worth your time – check it out via the link above.

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Massive Extension

Lego Scania Truck Combex

Dennis Bosman’s packing something huge! It’s very long and very hard, and luckily he’s got just the place to put it. You can see more of his excellent concrete beam transporting Scania R500 V8 and Broshuis extendable trailer on Flickr. Unless you’re visiting TLCB for the first time via a search engine and this isn’t what you were expecting at all…

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