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Lego Kenworth Wrecker

One of TLCB’s favourite builders, the brilliant Dennis Bosman, is back, and his latest astounding model is already lining up to win ‘Best Truck of 2014’.

Dennis took a trip to see the company that owns the real version of this Kenworth K100E Aerodyne, who are oddly enough based in the UK. American trucks are a rarity on European roads and NYR imported their Kenworth K100E from the US especially for their recovery fleet. The cab and chassis were then fitted with a monster Century Rotator 1140, which Dennis has recreated in truly incredible detail.

Dennis has published an extensive gallery to coincide with the completion of this model, including close ups, shots of the Century Rotator in action, and photographs of the real UK-based wrecker at his Flickr photostream. Head there now to join us in our amazement by clicking the link above.

Dennis has also become The Lego Car Blog’s seventh ‘Master MOCer’, joining the six previous elite builders that make up the exclusive Master MOCers club. Read Dennis Bosman’s Master MOCer interview here, plus you can see all the interviews in the series by clicking the ‘Interviews’ tab of the main menu.

Lego Kenworth Wrecker

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Lego 42008 Mini-Figure Scale

LEGO’s Technic Tow Truck 42008 hit the shelves this year, and a very nice model it is too. But what if your mini-figures want to have a go? MOCpages’ Andy L re-imagines what what 42008 would look like if it were about four times smaller (*hence the title – we’re teaching the Elves maths).

With room for two mini-figures up front, Andy’s 7-wide version of the official Technic set looks the bomb-diggidy, and it even includes some of the real set’s Technic functions, including 4-wheel steering, a raising and lowering boom and a working winch.

Come on LEGO, we’d love to see some Town sets with these playable functions! Until LEGO oblige us, check out Andy’s brilliant 42008 redux on MOCpages at the link above.


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T144 Tow Truck

Lego Tow Truck Scania Wrecker

Another day, another Elf looking for meal token. Today’s is well deserved though, as this Scania T144 Tow Truck by Flickr builder-extroadinairre Rolic is a breathtakingly brilliant build. See all the pictures at Rolic’s photostream here.

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Real Rotator Wrecker

Lego Peterbilt tow truck

We’ve known Bricksonwheels for a while now, he was interviewed here on TLCB last week, and several of his models have appeared on these pages. So the Elves were pretty excited when he uploaded his latest masterpiece, a truly incredible 1:13 scale Peterbilt 379 Century Rotator Wrecker, a Tow Truck that looks more like the real Peterbilt than a Lego one

Weighing 9KG and utilising over 10,000 LEGO pieces BricksonWheels’ newest truck includes a fully functioning boom, working outriggers and fully wired winches. It’s also got possibly the coolest paint-job seen on any of his models so far, making it look like a giant Checker Cab. Check out what might be TLCB’s Truck of the Year on MOCpages and Flickr, where the full stats and complete gallery are available.

Lego Peterbilt 379 Wrecker

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Lego MAN TruckA monster truck today, from Nanko Paste on Flickr. His Model Team MAN TGX wrecker features a working compressor and pneumatic under-lift as well as a full suit of interior and exterior details. See more at the link.


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Town Towing

Lego Town Tow TruckThe Elves are still hard at work, scouring the ‘net for the best Lego vehicle creations built by Lego fans. These two come from de-marco on Flickr, who’s used some ace SNOT techniques to create simple but original looking bodywork for his Town style tow-truck and sports car. See more at the link above.

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Illinois Department Of Transportation To The Rescue!

Lego Model Team Recue TruckThis superbly detailed Illinois Department Of Transportation rescue truck comes courtesy of LegoMarat on Flickr. Not only does it look almost exactly like the real thing, it works like the real thing too, which was enough to get the Elves careering around the office making truck noises and towing one another on wheelie chairs. See it in action here.

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Worth Breaking Down For

Kenworth Homes Wrecker

Best. Tow Truck. Ever.

This astonishing build is the work of Dennis Bosman aka legotrucks. The chassis cab is a Kenworth K100, with a Holmes 750 twin-boom mounted behind it. The Elves have been making ‘brum-ing’ noises all morning since this arrived in the office, and the chap who brought it in is something of a hero today. This is easily one of the most detailed MOCs we’ve ever featured, so in a vain attempt to do it justice here’s another photo, and not only the links to both Dennis’ MOCpage and Flickr pages (above), but also to Eurobricks where this truck has its own forum discussion

Kenworth Holmes Truck

Kenworth K100 / Holmes 750 by Denis Bosman

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Tough Trucks

Scammell Crusader

92 years of truck making ended with the Crusader in 1988, when DAF purchased Scammell and closed it down

The captive Lego Car Blog Elves have all been re-released following their Christmas in containment (we hope our Reviews during the holidays kept you entertained – as always, you can give your feedback via the link at the top of the page), and today we were ‘treated’ to the first Elf return of 2013.

One of the keener (or luckier) Elves headed to Brickshelf following its release, where it uncovered this; a brutish Scammell Crusader wrecker. Scammell were masters of seriously heavy-duty trucks for decades, being favoured by heavy-haulage firms and the military. Then, like most British vehicle manufactures it seems, they were swallowed up by the British Leyland behemoth, and then sold off when it all turned sour, never to be seen again. This awesome brick version is the work of Makorol, and is fully Power Functions controlled, containing six motors and working lights. You can view the full gallery on Brickshelf.

YouTube Video:

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Mystery Rescue

Tow Truck

Marin Stipkovic is back, with his incredible Model Team MAN Tow Truck. It’s an almost perfect replica of the real one-of-a-kind vehicle. But what is it built to tow? You’ll have to visit his Flickr page and follow the links to discover…

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You’ve Pulled!

If only Model Team was this good

Dikkie Klijn has taken Model Team to another level with this stunning Towtruck. It has every possible power function for hours of fun. It contains 9 power functions motors, 9 sets of lights and 7 sets of pneumatics. Check out his Flickr photosream and try to work out what they all do. There’s a video too – very impressive stuff.

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