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Lego Elves Mad Max

We think this builder may have taken TLCB Summer Building Competition brief a bit too literally…

A number of competition entries have been Mad Max or post-apoc related, but this is definitely the first to mix the madness with LEGO’s own recently launched ‘Elves’ theme. In case you’re unsure, LEGO’s Elves are nothing like our own. Like, at all.

TLCB Summer Building Competition

TLCB newcomer Lego Warboys‘ mini-figure scale recreation of the ‘Gigahorse’ from Mad Max – Fury Road is almost everything the Elves could want in a vehicle. The ‘Elven’ iteration on the right is… less so.

Lego Mad Max Gigahorse Elves

Oddly though, we think we prefer the pastel coloured flowery version, and it could be the start of a glorious new sub-theme! You can see more of both models by visiting Lego Warboys’ Flickr photostream via the link above.

Lego Mad Max Fury Road

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Lego Mad Max Doof Wagon

The proliferation of vehicles from the Mad Max – Fury Road movie has slowed in recent weeks, but Flickr’s Matt De Lanoy has awakened the theme with a bang today. You can see more of his brilliant mini-figure recreation of the Doof Wagon at the link above.

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Death by Deuce

Lego Mad Max Hot Rod

There seems to be little let-up in the proliferation of Mad Max – Fury Road vehicles within the Lego Community, and we couldn’t be more pleased! Flickr’s _Tiler has added another to his garage – you can see more of it and his previous Mad Max builds at the link above.

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The Gigahorse

Lego Mad Max Gigahorse Cadillac

After posting several small scale recreations of the magnificent vehicles from ‘ Mad Max – Fury Road’ we finally have something a little bigger to publish, and what Mad Max vehicle could be better than Immortan Joe’s stacked Cadillac ‘Gigahorse’?

Like most of the amazing cars from the blockbuster movie the Gigahorse was made for real. Two 1959 Cadillac DeVille coupes were harvested for their body parts and two supercharged Chevrolet V8s – making a combined 1200bhp – were mounted in parallel up front, channelling that huge power through a custom built gearbox. Terex front loaders provided the rest of the drivetrain whilst 70″ tractor tyres took care of the traction.

Tim Inman‘s plastic replica stays as faithful to this set-up as is possible with Lego, and the resultant vehicle is as wonderfully ridiculous as we could have hoped for. There’s lot’s more to see at Tim’s photostream – click the link above to make the jump.

Lego Mad Max Fury Road Cadillac Imortan Joe

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More Mad Max

Lego Mad Max Fury Road Cranky Frank Pick-Up

The incredible vehicles of ‘Mad Max – Fury Road’ have taken root in the conscious of the Lego Community of late, which is something we are very much in favour of here at TLCB. Flickr’s _Tiler has added another vehicle from the film – Cranky Frank – to his collection. You can see more of the post-apoc pick-up, as well as his other superb Mad Max vehicles, via the link above.

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To the Shops!

Mad Max Fury Road Nomad Lego

The ‘Mad Max – Fury Road’ creations keep on coming, and this one is our favourite for a quick trip to Walmart. We don’t think there would be any fighting over parking spaces with this…

TLCB regular _Tiler is the builder, and you can see more of his ‘Nomad’ on Flickr here.

Lego Mad Max

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Cum On Feel the Noize

Lego Bluemobile Dodge Monaco

The Lego Car Blog Elves are – despite their small size – quite fantastically noisy creatures. Thus they were delighted to find two noisy creations today, and then almost immediately enraged to find that LEGO bricks produce no noise at all, even when they’re shaped as if they do.

The first of their finds (above) comes from Flickr’s Nik J Dort, who has recreated the iconic ex-police Dodge Monaco complete with roof-speaker from the 1980 film ‘Blues Brothers’, which until recently held the record for the highest number of vehicles destroyed in a movie. Watching this destruction has placated the Elves somewhat.

Their second find comes from a builder suggested to us by a reader, LEGO Will, but sadly from a movie the Elves are unable to watch yet as they are still banned from the local cinema. Will’s mini-figure scale recreation of the ‘Doof Wagon’ from the ridiculous (and brilliant) 2015 film ‘Mad Max – Fury Road’ can be found on Flickr too – click the link above for all the pictures.

Lego Mad Max Fury Road

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Oh What a Day! What a Lovely Day!

Lego Mad Max Fury Road

It hasn’t taken long for some of the incredible vehicles from brilliant 2015 film ‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘ to start appearing in Lego form. The first to appear here come from one of our favourite Town-scale builders; Flickr’s _Tyler. There’s lots more to see at his Mad Max photo album, including these epic recreations of vehicles from the latest movie, as well as earlier creations from the first Mad Max movies of the 1980s. Click the link above to witness him.

Mad Max Lego Car

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