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Teutonic Trio

Lego Porsche 911

Short of an oompah band efficiently eating a plate of sausages, or this picture, this is probably the most German thing you’ll see today. These three German-coloured Porsche 911s, in coupe, RS, and duck-tail variations, are the work of Flickr’s Der Beueler aka Uwe Kurth, and each is a superbly engineered miniature of Stuggart’s famous sports car. There’s more to see of all three at Uwe’s photostream – click the link above to make the jump.

Lego Porsche 911

Not a Car…

Lego German Baureihe 41-241 Polarstern

It is in fact a Baureihe 41-241 Polarstern steam locomotive operated by Deutsche Reichsbahn, and, if we’re being honest, we only know that from the builder’s description. But we are a car blog so European railways of the 1930s are a bit outside of our (admittedly limited) skill set.

This stunning model is the work of previous bloggee, TLCB favourite, and Master MOCer BricksonWheels, and it’s a beautifully thought-out build. With exquisite custom 3D printed wheels and valve train (see the image below), plus two Power Functions XL motors and in-built IR receivers driving it, the Polarstern locomotive demonstrates an incredible attention to detail.

Lego 3D Printed Steam Train Parts

You can read further details of both the build and the real train, and see the full gallery of stunning imagery, at BricksonWheels’ photostream – click here to buy a ticket.

Lego Steam Locomotive BricksonWheels


Lego Schlüter 1500 TVL Tractor

Not having heard the word ‘Schlüter’ before we thought it was most likely to be a promiscuous spring break German college girl, but it turns out that Schlüter was actually a Bavarian manufacturer of high-powered tractors, founded way back in 1898. The brand survived right up until the reunification of Germany, but sadly went bankrupt in 1993, ending almost 100 years of tractor production.

This lovely Model Team replica of Schlüter’s classic 1500 TVL tractor has been built by previous bloggee Bobofrutx. It features a range of working functions which can be seen in more detail on Flickr – click this link to make the jump.

Lego Tractor 1500 TVL

Deutsch Meister

Lego Mercedes-Benz SEL AMG

What better way to celebrate tonight’s German triumph in the 2014 Brazil World Cup here at TLCB than with the most German of cars; the Mercedes-Benz AMG*! This particular car is the one that started it all, the awesome 6.8 litre V8 SEL.

TLCB favourite and frequent bloggee Senator Chinchilla is the builder behind this Model Team classic AMG racer, and he’s uploaded a superb gallery showcasing his latest creation to Flickr. Join the German celebration and check it out here!

*We’re very relieved that Argentina were runners up. We had no idea what to post if they’d won.

Out of Africa

Leichter Panzerspähwagen

Captain Eugene’s Leichter Panzerspähwagen SD KFZ 222

The Leichter Panzerspähwagen (Light Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle) was widely used by the German military throughout World War II. This particular example, built by Captain Eugene, is a SD KFZ 222 in North African specification. Built by Auto Union (which would later become Audi) the SD KFZ featured a 3.5 liter Horch V8, MG34 machine gun, 2cm Kwk cannon, and it could even be fitted with a 28mm anti-tank cannon. To see more of this historic vehicle, visit Captain Eugene’s Flickr page.