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Micro Machine

Lego Optimus Prime Micro

Following a huge (and brilliant) Optimus Prime publicised here a few days ago, here’s one much much smaller. Obedient Machine is the builder and there’s more to see on Flickr.

Robots in Disguise

Lego Optimus Prime Transformer

The Elves are beyond excited today. This incredible recreation of Transformers’ Optimus Prime is the work of TLCB regular, TLCB Master MOCer and Brothers Bricker Ralph Savelsberg (aka Mad Physicist). As is always the case with Ralph’s creations, the detailing in his latest build is extraordinary, but what’s scarcely believable is that this incredibly life-like truck can really transform. Because Ralph is a wizard.

Much witchcraft and magic later and Ralph’s Optimus Prime truck looks a little different, to the delight of our Elvish workforce. You can see more of Optimus in both his brilliant forms, plus a few images showing a little of how the amazing transformation takes place, at Ralph’s Flickr photostream. Click the link and join us in wonder.

Lego Optimus Prime Robot Transformers

Smoked Cheese

Lego Transformers G1

The ’80s theme continues here at The Lego Car Blog, and today it’s our own workforce of horrible little Elves that are the delighted beneficiaries.

Such is their well-documented love for all things Transformers-related that we were forced to instate a ‘No Transformers until you find a MOC’ policy, often reinforced by the use of the office air-horn.

Mr. Air-Horn is slumbering silently today though, because the Elves are downstairs happily watching the original 1980s Transformers ‘G1’ cartoon series. This rare demonstration of staff generosity is reward for today’s find; two superb G1 Transformers Nissan 300ZXs created by Alex Wong of MOCpages.

‘Smokescreen’ and ‘Bluestreak’ can both fit a mini-figure inside and they feature some of LEGO’s awesome retro printed pieces, but their real party-trick is – naturally – a very slick transformation. You can see how Alex has done it by visiting his MOCpage via the link above, whilst we join the Elves for a bit of cartoon watching…

Lego G1 Transformers

Bought a Car. Turned Out To Be an Alien Robot. Who Knew?

Lego Transformers Bumblebee Camaro

Explosions. Megan Fox. Product Placement. Explosions. More Megan Fox. And Explosions. That summarises the first instalment of the Transformers movie franchise, and it also explains why our workforce of horrible little Elves love the films so much.

As you’d expect the Elves are delighted with today’s Transformers find. Ralph Savelsberg is the builder, and you can see more of his brilliant transforming Bumblebee Camaro on Flickr.

8852 Redux

Lego Technic 8852 Robot

LEGO’s classic 8852 Technic Robot set is not one of the company’s finest efforts. It looked a bit rubbish in either mode and its only saving grace was that everything operated mechanically using racks and gears.

As 8852 is one of our least favourite Technic sets ever it meant that Barman76‘s redux version was not due to feature here, however charming it may be. Unfortunately for us the Elves made such a fuss – as to them it’s a Transformer, one of their favourite things ever – that it was easier for all of us just to blog it. So here it is. If you agree with the Elves you can see more on Flickr via the link above.

Out of the… Yellow?

Lego Sunstreaker Transformer

The TLCB Elves are a bit grumpy today. Today’s post wasn’t discovered by them, which means no meal tokens and no Smarties. Sam (aka Sir.Manperson) is the responsible party who joins us as a Guest Blogger, following his contact via the Feedback page. Over to Sam…

Anyone who has been following the TLCB will recall the fantastic Lamborghini Diablo blogged early this year. And will probably recall being mightily impressed too. But little did we know that builder Epsilon Eta had a surprise in store. This was no ordinary model, but in fact it was a W.I.P of a transforming version. The incredible recreation of Transformers’ Sunstreak can be viewed and dribbled over/envied via his MOCpage. Epsilon has also produced a handy little video to demonstrate his genius; click play below to watch.

Many thanks to Sir.Manperson for joining us today. If you’d like to blog for us in a Guest capacity as Sam has done you can contact us in the usual ways. Now, do we cheer the Elves up by showing them the newly released trailer for Transformers 4?…

Lego Sunstreaker Robot

Robots in Disguise!

Lego Transformers Jazz

The Elves are very happy today. Firstly because someone left the office door unlocked yesterday and they got in and ate all the office’s glue sticks, and secondly because Alex Jones aka Orion Pax has returned with some absolutely killer Transformers creations.

Lego Transformers Dragstrip

We’ve broken our own rule a little with this post, as some of Alex’s latest works feature the odd non-LEGO (Kre-o) piece, but as they’re 95% LEGO and the Elves would likely revolt had we not posted these (they’re still Transformers mad) we’ll let it slide.

Lego Transformers Cliff Jumper

All Alex’s Transformers models are fully pose-able and are available to view on his Flickr photostream, where more will uploaded in the coming weeks. Check out these three and the others uploaded by clicking the link above.

Sunday Prime Time

Lego Optimus Prime

The Elves still haven’t got bored of Transformers, and thus they’re still fanatically excited whenever one of their number finds something like this. Today’s comes from alanyuppie on Flickr, and it’s Optimus Prime in ‘Powermaster’ configuration (Optimus is combined with another robot to increase his power and, we suspect, sell more toys).

Alanyuppie’s Lego version really transforms, and with such agility we can’t figure out how it’s done. See if you can work it out at the link above.

Lego Optimus Prime Powermaster

Build Big!

Lego Metroplex Titan Transformer

This is Metroplex Titan, and he’s huge! (That’s what she said) He stands over 33 inches tall and weighs a truly enormous 30lbs (14kgs). Best of all though, Metroplex really transforms, making him probably the largest Lego Transformer to do so anywhere in the world.

Chris Roach (aka boyzwiththemosttoyz) is the slightly unhinged genius behind him, and he becomes The Lego Car Blog’s fifth ‘Master MOCer’, joining us in the Interviews section at the top of this page.

To read our Master MOCer interview with Chris Roach please click here.

YouTube Video:

The Robot Devil*

Lego Lamborghini Diablo Transformers

The Elves are still Transformers-mad, so the Elf that discovered today’s creation is now something of a hero with his colleagues. We like it too, so it was yellow smarties all round.

This magnificent Lamborghini Diablo is the work of the very talented Marin Stipkovic. Marin’s Lego Lambo looks good on its own, but as you can see here it also transforms into an excellent Autobot Transformer. You can check it out in both forms at either MOCpages or Flickr, where Marin’s included a video showing the trickery involved.

*A clever title yes, but also a flimsy pretext to include a Futurama link.

Lego Lamborghini Diablo

Robots in Disguise

Lego Optimus Prime Transformer

Long before Megan Fox, huge GM sponsorship and ‘Bayformers’ the Transformers franchise was a slightly ropey-looking cartoon, which now counts The Lego Car Blog Elves amongst its most avid fans.

Since we bought the Elves a video of the ’80s animation a new policy had to be introduced; ‘No Transformers Until You Bring Back A Creation’. Today though they’re all happily crowded round the old TV we’ve put in their cage-room, because they’ve discovered a gem of a model, and one that fits their latest obsession.

Lego Optimus Prime

Alex Jones aka Orion Pax is back, with a brilliant imagining of the original G1 Optimus Prime in Lego form. The flat-fronted truck comes complete with a superb silver trailer and transforms Optimus into his robot form beautifully. Check out the pictures and a video of the transformation at Alex’s photostream on Flickr, or via his ace website orionpax.de.

Lego Optimus Prime Transformer

Prime Time

Lego Optimus Prime TransformersThe Elves are still loving the original Transformers cartoon video they were bought in a moment of unusual generosity by The Lego Car Blog staff, so it’s no surprise they’re on the look out for Transformers-related MOCs. This one comes from Yang Nam on MOCpages, who recreates the original cartoon-spec Optimus Prime in truck-form as a Kenworth K100. See it at Yang’s MOCpage here.

Robots in Disguise

Lego TransformersThe Lego Car Blog Elves love the Transformers movies. Robots, cars, explosions, Megan Fox, and almost no plot at all, combine to create a kind of love only otherwise found in fans of annoying Canadian pop-stars. Occasionally, just occasionally, we are nice to the little turds, and this week for some reason we were feeling generous. So a DVD of the original 1980s Transformers Cartoon series (something the Elves had no awareness of) was bought, and it’s been on loop in the office ever since.

Unfortunately this meant that yesterday not a single Elf left the office as they were all too engrossed in the animated adventures, and thus we had nothing to post. To combat this a new policy has been initiated; bring back a creation, and then you can watch cartoons. Within 20 minutes we had a find, and it was only to be expected that it would be of the Transformers variety.

MOCpages’ Chris Roach, something of a Transformers extraordinaire, is the builder behind this cartoon-spec G1 Ratchet of the Autobots. It really transforms too, by – as a guess – witchcraft and magic. See the transformation at Chris’ MOCpage via the link above, whilst we watch some cartoons with the Elves.

Technic Control Centre III

Lego SR-71 BlackbirdThe Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. The fastest plane ever built. The first to use stealth technology. And, according to Michael Bay, a Decepticon Transformer too. This most unbelievable of aircraft was finally retired from service in 1998, some 40 years after it was trialled. 32 were built, with 12 lost in accidents, leaving 20 remaining. Sariel takes that total to 21.

Lego Technic Control Centre IIISariel’s stunning mini-figure scale version of America’s finest is more than a great replica. Mounted on a Power Functions controlled arm, reminiscent of LEGO’s own 8485 Control Centre II from 1995, his SR-71 can really fly. Sort of. A three-axis joystick and a working thrust controller operate a variety of motors and linear actuators, allowing the Blackbird to pitch, yaw and rotate. See how on MOCpages at the link above, or view the video on YouTube below.

Desert Defender

Nest Fast Attack Vehicle

Part of an inexplicable plot including a rubix cube, robots and Megan Fox

Based on the Desert Patrol Vehicle in the Transformers movie (which in turn was based on the Chenowth DPV employed by the US Military), Project Azazel‘s N.E.S.T Fast Attack Vehicle is ready to face those annoying killer-robots-disguised-as-cars that keep popping up in conveniently open spaces. See more on Flickr.