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Battle for the Moon / Outside Lane

The Elves are feeling spacey today, and thus we have two weird and wacky sci-fi builds to share with you. The first (above) comes from Shannon Sproule and is apparently an ‘American Zero-Length X-11 Launcher’ designed in The Battle for the Moon. In the words of its creator; “A space tank carrying a rocket… it looks so cool!”

Today’s second build (below) comes from TLCB favourite David Roberts, the ‘Green 23’. “Regarded as the Ford Transit van of space” it performed a variety of jobs across the galactic disc, probably with scant regard for space transportation laws, a library of tabloid newspapers on the dashboard, and a tailgating policy matched only by Audi drivers.

See more of both builds on Flickr via the links!

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Home is Where You Park it

This wonderful little Ford Transit Mk1 camper van was discovered by one of our Elves on Flickr today. Being old, slow, and without a single racing stripe or gun anywhere to be seen we don’t think the Elf in question really appreciated it, but nevertheless they thought it would earn them a meal token and thus they returned it to TLCB Towers. Which was a good thing, because we do appreciate vehicles like this, especially when they’ve been recreated in miniature as perfectly as this one has. It’s the work of previous bloggee ER0L and you can see more of his lovely 7-wide classic Transit at photostream via the link.

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Johnni D Goode


Dutch builder Johnni D’s Photostream is home to some great, small Lego cars. Recently it’s been filling up with comic style, 4-wide hot rods of all sorts of shapes. There are over 120 at the time of writing. They range from rat-rods (above) to custom Transit vans (below), via hatchbacks, campers and pick-ups. It’s well worth clicking this link to enjoy the variety of these builds.


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Totally Tubular

Lego Ford Transit VW Buggy

Like, totally. Dude. Right, enough non-sensical surf-talk, these neat Town-scale creations come from Flickr’s Johnni, and you can see more of his brilliant board-laden Mark 1 Ford Transit and classic VW Manx beach buggy at his photostream via the link above.

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To the Post Office!

Lego Ford Transit Van

The Lego Car Blog, despite its charitable nature, is actually a pretty dark and shadowy organisation. The location of TLCB office is a closely guarded secret, TLCB staff forgo fame and fortune, preferring to shroud themselves in anonymity’s thick cloak, and the Elves… well, no-one really wants to get close to them so their mythical status is assured for some time yet.

Previous bloggee Thomas Graafland has theory though, and has boldly stated that TLCB operates from the back of a re-commissioned ex-Royal Mail Ford Transit, which he’s built in Lego form.

We can’t confirm or deny this hypothesis, but what we can say is that we absolutely love the van. Firstly it looks wonderfully realistic – our European readers will immediately recognise the ubiquitous Mk.4 Transit silhouette. Secondly, Thomas has crammed in all the features that we like to see in Lego creations; including working suspension, opening bonnet and doors, and working lights – plus there’s a comfy chair and giant screen in the back for blogging, bench seating for the Elves and racing seats up front for the staff.

Lego Ford Transit V8

Thirdly, Thomas has given the Elves a bit of a treat too. You might have noticed the quad exhausts in the image above… this Transit doesn’t have Ford’s usual diesel lump up front. Nope, this one is fitted with a mid-mounted V8, as per the ‘Supervans’ that Ford constructed in the 70s and 80s, and it’s remote control, meaning there’s much potential for an Elf to smush its unsuspecting colleagues.

Built for TLCB Summer Building Competition, Thomas’ entry scores almost full marks – only missing out on the points available for racing stripes and representing an Elf or two (something that could be surely be added?).

You can see all the details and watch a video of the V8 Transit in action via either Flickr or MOCpages, and if you think you can do better (and win some awesome prizes to boot) you can read how to enter your own creation in TLCB Summer Building Competition by clicking here. There’s just a few weeks to go!

TLCB Summer Building Competition

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