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Back in Black II

Lego Batmobiles

The sun is scorching and temperatures are in the 30s here in TLCB’s home nation, so naturally today’s posts are sombre and black. Or very very dark grey.

Following the dreadful Batman vs. Superman epic, and the pretty good The Lego Batman Movie, the Dark Knight is due some new toys. Flickr’s Chak hei Mok has duly obliged and created three new additions to the Bat Fleet. Each is packed with cool detailing and there’s more to see of each mini-figure scale Batmobile via the link above.

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Arkham Knight

Lego Arkham Knight Batmobile

In our opinion the greatest Batmobile is, and probably always will be, the incredible Tumbler from Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy. However there is another Batmobile that runs the Tumbler close, and it hasn’t even featured in a movie…

Yes, this is the Batmobile from the hugely successful Arkham Knight video game, but unlike the Tumbler – which was made for real – the Arkham Knight vehicle only ever appeared in digital form.

Not now though, as a few well-heeled visionaries have recreated the insanity of the digital-only Batmobile from Arkham Knight and built their own street legal version. We throughly recommend clicking the link to see it, as what they’ve created is something extraordinary, but what if you don’t have a ton of carbon fibre, an ex-Koenigsegg engineer, twelve months, and a spare Lamborghini Gallardo V10 with which to create your dream Batmobile?

Flickr’s Nathan Proudlove has the answer, as he too has recreated the mad Arkham Knight Batmobile, but in thoroughly more attainable Lego form. It’s no less of a work of art than Team Galag’s life-size version, and you can see all the photos of Nathan’s build by clicking the link to his photostream above.

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Black Beauty

Lego Green Hornet Black Beauty

Nope, not that curious entry in your Dad’s internet browsing history but this, the heavily modified 1965 Chrysler Imperial Crown sedan as used in The Green Hornet TV show from 1967.

The Green Hornet may be yet another comic-based superhero that we don’t give a toss about, but the car is something rather special. Featuring rockets, silent-running mode, and a flying drone thingumy (long before the word ‘drone’ became the media’s favourite word), Black Beauty was nearly as tricked-out as the other famous crime-fighting car of the time, the Batmobile.

This neat Lego replica of the comic book star comes from TLCB regular Ralph Savelsberg (aka Mad Physicist) and there’s more to see of Black Beauty, The Green Hornet, and Kato at his photostream via the link above.

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My Beautiful Balloon


When a scorched & smouldering Elf staggered back from Flickr with this magnificent flying machine we immediately kicked him straight back out of The Lego Car Blog offices. Sadly, we weren’t quite fast enough and the smoke detectors triggered the sprinkler system. We’ve spent the rest of the morning hiring an industrial dehumidifier and hanging 169¾ Elves out on the washing line. This looks quite pretty and is really rather decorative. We might just leave them there. Then we got quite excited, as we thought that we’d never blogged a hot air balloon before. It turns that we have, but we have blogged a lot of stuff since the start in November 2011.

This particular balloon was built by Pete Strege. It’s a brilliant assemblage of all shapes and sizes of plain, angled and curved plates. The neat way that the basket is attached is obvious from the photos but not so much the internal structure of the balloon itself. Follow the link in the text and see if you can zoom in to the detail and figure it out.

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Caped Crusader

Lego Batman Comic Cover

Much as we love the Batman Dark Knight trilogy, comic book fans we are not. However, if we were writing this back in the early 1940s we likely would have been, as without the internet (and probably without television too) there would only have been one way to get our fix of action, danger, and men in tights. Wait, scratch that last one.

Clayton Marchetti takes us back to those wartime years with his brilliant recreation of the Batman No.20 comic cover, which introduced the Batmobile for the first time. It’s not really what we’re used to when we think of Batman’s wheels, but hey – even the caped crusader had to start somewhere.

You can see more of Clayton’s Batmobile and his beautifully accurate replica of the No.20 comic cover on MOCpages – click the link above to see more.

Lego Batman and Robin Batmobile

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Before Batman returned to the dark and menacing character we know from 'Begins' and 'The Dark Knight' he was, well, a little camper. Hooray for progress!


The 1980’s Batmobile was a ridiculous thing – overblown, extravagant, and about as far from Batman’s character as you could get. But despite this, it’s still cool when found lurking in the Batcave. Outer Rim Emperor has recreated the famous hide-out down the last detail, including a dinosaur (although I must have missed that bit of the story!). Check it out on MOCpages or Flickr.


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