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Sax Appeal

Lego Citroen Saxo

Some readers of The Lego Car Blog might be wondering why we’re featuring a model of a crummy French hatchback with racing stickers, but European rally fans will immediately salute this little Citroen.

Rallying is a big deal in Europe, and whilst a bastardised version of rally-cross is starting to make waves in the States, the original is still filling European forests with noise every weekend.

The big boys run Imprezas, Evos and other all-wheel-drive machinery. However rally entries are mostly made up of little shopping cars like the Saxo above. This is because they’re cheap, easy to fix, slow enough not to kill you (unless you’re really trying) and front-wheel-drive, meaning to correct a slide you just have to add more power.

Well, except for this one, which due to the difficulty of making functioning front-wheel-drive from Lego bricks is actually rear-wheel-drive. Still, driveline inaccuracy aside it’s a truly marvellous little machine. Builder/Owner Gsia17 has even taken it rallying!

You can see all the photos via Eurobricks, and we highly recommend checking out the video below! Thanks go to one of our readers for the tip-off – and If you’d like to alert us to something the Elves have missed you can get in touch with us via the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page.

YouTube Video:

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Retro Rally Renaissance

Lego Rally Car

This gloriousy retro looking rally car is the work of  Arran Hearn aka ‘Delta Triangle’ on Flickr. Mr. Triangle seems to have taken all of our favourite bits from all of our favourite late ’80s and early ’90s rally cars and chucked them all into one stupendous model. It’s safe to say the whole office wants this. A lot.

Check out all the photos of this marvellous creation and congratulate the inspired builder behind it on Flickr here.

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The Bull

DAF 3300 Paris Dakar Truck

Back in the 1980s the Paris Dakar Rally was a very different proposition to how it is today. GPS hadn’t been invented and the race was as much about navigation as speed. European manufacturers were taking the event seriously though, and creating purpose built machines. Dutch truck builder DAF joined the race in 1985 with their heavily modified 3300 off-road truck, driven by Jan de Rooy. ‘The Bull’ as it was known finished in 2nd place within the truck category, and we bet it looked bloody cool doing so.

Nanko Klein Paste shows us how The Bull looked with his awesome recreation in Lego form. Utilising four Power Functions medium motors for drive and with some monster suspension, Nanko’s Technic version of the Dutch legend looks as capable off road as any Lego model is likely to get. See all the photos and details on Flickr at the link above.

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Dakar Support

Dakar Truck

The Dakar rally doesn’t actually go to Dakar anymore (thanks to the miserable fun sponges at al-Qaeda), but it is still an awesome race, routeing now through South America. MOCpages’ Yang Nam has built one of the vehicles that helps to keep the show rolling, with his superb Mercedes-Benz support truck. You can find all the photos and build details at the link above.

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The Rally King

The rally king

Interesting photography, isn’t it? We think so.

Most petrolheads know the Audi S1 Quattro: it’s one of the rally legends. This sleek looking 4-wide version by Starscream Soundwave does fulfil the expectations of a rally machine. Check SS’ work out by clicking on the link, and see the original Nils O’s version that inspired it here.

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