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Orange Crush

Lego Audi R8 V10

Audi recently revealed their new R8 supercar at the Geneva Motor Show, and in typical Audi fashion it looks almost exactly the same as the current one. Which incidentally looks very much like this.

It’s the latest build from Technic genius Sariel, who’s gone all Model-Teamy on the outside this time, and yet he’s managed to keep the remarkable Technic engineering for which he’s known intact underneath.

Sariel’s bright orange R8 features remote control drive, steering, a four-speed gearbox, independent suspension, LED lights, damped-opening doors, and of course, the huge Lamborghini-sourced V10 engine (which almost fits too).

There’s lots more to see on MOCpages via the link above (including a video of all the working functions), and you can read our interview with Sariel by clicking here.

Lego Audi R8

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Lego Audi R10

Audi have been the dominant force in endurance racing since forever, and long before diesel and hybrid power became their propulsion of choice they used this, the mighty open-cockpit R10 LMS. Malte Dorowski built this Lego version years ago too, but it’s just appeared on Flickr and thus it can appear here too. See more after the jump.

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A is for Arseh…

Lego Audi A6

Uploaded by Flickr’s Rolic during our Christmas break, and suggested to us by a reader, is this smart Model Team style Audi A6. We were hoping that Rolic had photographed his model straight-on at the front, as this is how we usually see Audis – when they’re in our rear-view mirror 6 inches from our rear bumper – but alas this picture will have to do.

In fairness to the A6 though, it’s not a main offender in Audi’s range. We have a theory that the cheaper the Audi, the more of an arse the driver will be. Q7 excepted of course. Anyway, you can see more of Rolic’s teutonic barge via the link above!

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Ashes to Ashes

Lego Audi Quattro

Audi’s original quattro (without a capital letter) is currently seeing something of a resurgence in popularity thanks to a starring role in the hit BBC show ‘Ashes to Ashes’. However for those in the know the ’80s coupe has been a legend for 30 years.

Built back when Audi was a quiet, understated*, and slightly boring manufacturer of grey saloons the quattro came from nowhere to take the rally world by storm, and in doing so changing the sport forever. No two-wheel drive car would ever win the World Rally Championship again.

The quattro wasn’t actually the first all-wheel-drive production car (although Audi like to make us think it is), that honour goes to the Jensen FF, but it is probably the car that brought the virtues of four-driven-wheels to the masses. Now almost every manufacturer can count an all-wheel-drive model in their range.

This excellent recreation of Audi’s icon is the work of Flickr’s Ralph Savelsberg, and you can see more of his Ashes to Ashes spec quattro here.

*Imagine that!

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Great R8

Lego Audi R8

Audi might now be the favourite brand of the tail-gating muppet, but the R8 is one Audi we would still happily own. Previous Featured TFOL Alexander Paschoaletto is the builder behind this remarkably accurate Model Team version of which you can see more on MOCpages.

Lego Model Team Audi R8

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Group B

Lego Group B Rally Cars Audi Lancia

After nailing* a sci-fi post yesterday we’re back to what we know; cars. These two will be instantly recognisable to many of you, they are of course the legendary Audi Quattro S2 and Lancia Delta S4 from the monstrous Group B era of the World Rally Championship. Flickr’s Dario Minisini is the builder, and you can see more of his recreations of the fastest and most dangerous racing cars ever built at his photostream.

Lego Classic Rally

*Er… yeah. Space.

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Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters

Lego Technic Audi RS5 DTM

This incredible creation, suggested to us by a reader via the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page, is a Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) racing car. DTM is Germany’s Touring Car Championship, in which the world’s top drivers – including names from both LeMans and F1 – compete across Germany and Europe in 500bhp V8 ‘silhouette’ monsters. Only a handful of car manufactures take part, but the grids are huge, the action frantic and the crashes… m.a.s.s.i.v.e.

This amazing recreation of Audi’s 2013 RS5 DTM racer is the work of Eurobricks and Brickshelf regular Lipko. Underneath the spectacular aero-bodywork Lipko has perfectly engineered a monocoque chassis with integrated roll cage, working independent pushrod suspension, and a V8 engine complete with four speed gearbox. You can see all of this in detail too, as Lipko has made chassis images and the engineering details available. Click on either of the links above to see more, and then get lost in YouTube’s extensive DTM library…

Lego Technic DTM Racer

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Lego Sludge PuppyKermit’s right, it isn’t easy, particularly if you’re a LEGO builder. Until fairly recently green was exclusively reserved for vegetation and base plates, making building from it trickier than wiring a plug wearing oven gloves. There are a few builders that do brave the hue though, and the results can be very good indeed. Here we bring you a speedy run-down of four of the best, whilst the Elves feast on green Smarties for their efforts.

First up (above) is Legohaulic’s brilliant ‘Sludge Puppy’, built for the Lego Adventure Book 2 and suggested to us via the Feedback page. Legohaulic uses – quite literally – a splash of green to great effect. Check out all the images on Flickr here.

Lego Green Machine

Next up, and continuing the sci-fi theme, is LEGOLIZE IT MAN‘s ‘Green Machine’ mech. We’ve featured LEGOLIZE IT MAN’s work a few times here at The Lego Car Blog, despite it never really including a car. You can see all his awesome builds via his photostream at the link above, and you can see what has appeared here by typing his name into the Search function at the bottom of this page.

Lego Trabant 601

And finally as we’re supposed to be a car blog we’d better throw in a few cars. Above is newcomer Vilem Sustr’s superb Trabant 601 Combi. One of the nicest cars we’ve seen this year we heartily recommend viewing all the photos and Vilem’s MOCpage here. Below is our final Green Special creation, Vibor Cavor (aka Veeborg)’s Audi Quattro concept. As with all of Vibor’s work there is some very inventive design throughout and you can see all the photos on either MOCpages or Flickr.

Lego Audi Quattro Concept

That completes our round-up of one of LEGO’s most unusual hues. You can join the discussion on each creation by clicking the associated links, just remember to power-down and turn the lights off when you’re done!

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Lego Nissan GTR, Lego Car, Lego Audi R8

It’s time for some of your suggestions here at The Lego Car Blog. These three creations were brought to us in the Feedback page or in the comments during the last week. We can’t publish all of your suggestions (well we can, but some aren’t quiet good enough, have blurry photos, or aren’t vehicles at all) but we do consider each submission. Congratulations to (from left to right) Alexander Paschoaletto, Peteris Sprogis, and Joel Seow.

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The Rally King

The rally king

Interesting photography, isn’t it? We think so.

Most petrolheads know the Audi S1 Quattro: it’s one of the rally legends. This sleek looking 4-wide version by Starscream Soundwave does fulfil the expectations of a rally machine. Check SS’ work out by clicking on the link, and see the original Nils O’s version that inspired it here.

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Vorsprung Durch Technik

Audi Quattro S1

Not pretty, but very clever

Another classic car from an axis power today; the stupendous Audi quattro Sport. Long before Audi became the preserve of outside-lane tailgating, bluetooth headset wearing cocks, they were a relatively niche manufacturer of dull saloon cars. Then they took a British idea (Google ‘Jensen FF’), applied it to their new coupe, took it rallying, and changed the automotive world.

Maks‘ Lego version is one of the last rally quattros, raced during the insane Group B era with a chunk cut out of the wheelbase to keep it competitive against a slew of new 4×4 rivals. View it and Maks’ other work on Flickr.

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