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Mod My MOC

Lego Bullpup

The Lego City Police Department must be fighting a whole new breed of mini-figure criminal these days, judging by the ferocity of their latest vehicles.

Both this Town style helicopter and armoured personal carrier have been enhanced considerably by the addition of some killer third party accessories. Normally we don’t post non-LEGO components here at TLCB, but the examples above compliment the creations superbly.

Suggested by a reader, Andrew Sommers is the builder and you can see more of his police force’s impressive armoury on Flickr.

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The Horror… The Horror…

Lego Apocalypse Now

Lego Admiral’s scene from one of – perhaps the – greatest movie of all time stopped the whole office today. Head over to Flickr to see it.

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The First Casualty of War is Innocence

Lego Huey HelicopterBefore Charlie ‘Tiger Blood’ Sheen went completely insane he starred in one of the greatest movies ever made; the incredible 1986 Vietnam War epic ‘Platoon’.

The Vietnam War featured fairly limited wheeled vehicles, such was the nature of the combat, and it was aircraft that played the pivotal role. The most famous is probably this, the Bell UH-1D ‘Huey’ transport helicopter.

Bigboy99899 has recreated the iconic aircraft (and one of the typical scenes from the Platoon movie) brilliantly over on Flickr – you can click on his name above to see all the photos.

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Lego Airwolf

A sort of Knight Rider of the skies, Airwolf aired between 1984 and 1987, and made every 6 year old boy want to be a helicopter pilot when they grew up. This near-perfect Lego recreation of the ’80s TV star is the work of TLCB regular Ralph Savelsberg, adding to his already impressive catalogue of famous TV vehicles. You can see all the images via the link above.

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Blue Thunder

Lego Blue Thunder Helicopter

Now that’s an impressive cockpit.* Ralph Savelsberg returns with a brilliantly recreated version of the ’80s Blue Thunder helicopter. Click his name above to see more on Flickr.

*Your Mom would like it.

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Sikorsky S-55 / HRS-1

It may be a bit fat, ungainly, and getting on a little, but the Sikorsky S-55 is still able to take up to eight troops at once. Just like your Mom. Ralph Savelsberg has recreated the world’s first proper army transport helicopter – which is still in use right around the world – brilliantly in mini-figure scale. Click the link above to see more.

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World’s Blankiest Blank!

Lego Police Helicopter

The Lego Car Blog Elves have television viewing habits roughly equivalent to a 6 year old child. Or an American adult (sorry America). Programmes along the lines of ‘World’s Biggest Police Crashes!!’ are their favourites, which always amuse us here at TLCB Towers.

Judging by these shows it seems in America the favoured police method to stop a criminal scumbag is to ram him into a gas station / school bus / innocent bystander. This isn’t really the European way, which is to tail the miscreant until the police helicopter arrives, and then just wait for the would-be-escapee to get bored and give up.

Quite what the US Police actually do with their choppers is a mystery to us, but nevertheless the mini-fig cops in Andrew Somer‘s Town have got one for whatever it is they do, and you can see more of his mini-figure scale LAPD AS350 helicopter at the link.

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Vampires Suck

Lego Steampunk Vampire Hunter

Twilight, the favourite fantasy of teenage girls everywhere, is not well understood in TLCB Towers. There are no cars (apart from the odd Volvo advertisement), little discernible acting talent present in the movies, and a there’s plot-hole* large enough to park a Steampunk Airship in. Which is handy, as that’s exactly what we’ve got here. Castor Troy’s ‘Vampire Hunter’ is full of phyiscs-bending whimsy and would be just the thing to liven up a dull love story between the undead and the world’s most boring teenager. You can see more of Mr. Troy’s magnificent ship on Flickr.

*Edward Cullen, whilst he likes to suck blood, possesses none himself. No blood means no… er, you know… Quite how he managed to conceive a child with Kirsten Stewart defies even TLCB’s rudimentary knowledge of sex-ed.

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Lego UH-73 Dakota

With many of the Elves still dispatched on their secret mission to LEGO HQ we’ve got the time to feature more of your suggestions. Today’s comes from Andrew Somers on Flickr, with his ‘UH-73 Dakota’ military helicopter.

Loosely based on the Eurocopter UH-72 Lakota, his re-work has been lightly Americanised for the notoriously biased… er, we mean ‘patriotic’ US Military procurement suits. The real Eurocopter UH-72 is built by American Europcopter, a division of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company of North America, itself a division of Airbus Group, which by the sounds of it tried to get the word ‘America’ into the company names wherever possible to assist with U.S Sales. It seems to have worked, with over 250 Lakotas built for the U.S Military in the short time since it was introduced.

You can see more of Andrew’s upgraded Lego variant of Europe’s finest via the link above.

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Lego Technic Eurocopter X3 Helicopter

One of our Brickshelf-based Elves returned to the office today. It was pretty hungry as it hadn’t found anything on the site for ages, but it’s now eaten for the first time in weeks and we’ve sent it back out the door again. We’re nice like that. Anyhow, it’s find is this; a fantastic Eurocopter X3 helicopter by arththra08. Arththra’s version of the famous tri-rotor aircraft features functional landing-gear, working rotors, and it utilises the latest smooth studless pieces to recreate a model that wouldn’t look out of place in an official LEGO box. You can see all the photos of the X3 on Brickshelf at the link above.

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7345 Transport Chopper Review


After their adventures with the 31005 Construction Hauler and the 31006 Highway Speedster, we thought that the Elves would like to practice their nascent building skills on something a bit more challenging. The 7345 Transport Chopper’s RRP is double that of the previous two sets at £24.99 from Lego.com, though we bought our set for £20.00 from Amazon. Inside the box, you get 5 bags containing 383 pieces, which amounts to ½ kg or 18oz of LEGO. This compares very favourably with the price per kilo of bulk, unsorted LEGO on eBay. Being a Creator set, you’re also getting the months of design effort from LEGO’s team, plus printed instructions for three different models. Value for money? Excellent!

The first stage of building, as usual for the Elves, is to rip open the bags and send parts flying everywhere. Next comes the part where we fish bricks, plates, tyres and greebles out of the TLCB executive jacuzzi. The final stage is where assorted Elves batter each other with the larger and pointier components, until they are settled down with a blast from the air horn. You can understand why we haven’t let them build anything from Technic, with all of those spiky axles and cogs.

The three models are rated as “Quick”, “Medium” and “Advanced” builds. The helicopter is the “Advanced” build and seems to be completed in just 56 steps but there are several extra sub-builds within this, plus another 8 for the little red jeep. As usual, some of the steps only add a couple of bricks to the construction but we have to remember that the target age range is 8 to 12. We built the jeep first and gave it to the Elves to zoom around in, whilst we got on with the serious business of building the chopper. As this set is aimed at younger builders, it’s a bit annoying that you have to use parts from four different bags to complete the first three stages of building the jeep. Perhaps this sub-build could be in a separate bag and the rest of the parts could be in numbered bags, like some of the other LEGO product ranges?


The first part of building the helicopter is its chassis, complete with retractable tricycle undercarriage. Continue reading

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Not a Car

Lego HeliopterBut one of the nicest Town-scale helicopters we’ve ever seen. TLCB newcomer pif500 is the builder behind it, and you can see more here.

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5590 Model Team Helicopter Transport Review

Lego 5590Following the launch of The Lego Car Blog’s new Lego Review Library it’s time for another trip back in time to take a look at one of LEGO’s great sets; 5590 Model Team Helicopter Transport.

5590 was part of LEGO’s three set line-up for their spectacular Model Team range that was launched in 1988 for US ‘Shop at Home’ customers, and in 1990 in European stores. We’re using the European name for the set as we can’t really bring ourselves to use the US one.

The flagship of the new range, 5590 took detail to a level previously unseen outside of the Legoland theme park (there was only one back then). Based on an attractive if slightly generic European cab-over semi the set was really two models in one, as the helicopter could easily be a unique set in its own right. 5590 also brought a few new pieces to Lego fans, chiefly those marvellous wheels, but also two new windscreens that would reappear in later sets.

The build is a relatively straight-forward one; whilst a there is no doubt 5590 is a detailed model the techniques used are fairly basic by today’s standards, but for this builder at least that is part of its charm. It features a few working functions too, bridging the gulf between System and Technic for the first time. Working steering, trailer support legs and opening doors all make appearances and certainly add a degree of playability to what could otherwise be simply a nice display piece.

5590 has, like most sets from the era, aged a little when compared to sets from the late ’90s. There is barely a smooth piece to be seen and SNOT (studs not on top) was but the dream of a madman back in 1988. However, it is still perhaps one of the best Model Team sets made to date, combining detail, a ruggedly playable exterior, and sheer scale that wowed children perusing LEGO’s catalogue back then, and continuing to wow collectors on eBay and Bricklink today. If you can find one for sale you won’t be disappointed, but you will likely be quite a bit poorer.


To read all The Lego Car Blog’s set reviews and comparisons, including the 5580 counterpart to this set, click the ‘Reviews’ tab in the main menu.

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Avengers Assemble

Lego Avengers AssembleA movie quickie now. Nothing we can write here will do Sariel‘s Helicarrier from the Avengers Assemble movie justice, it’s just too awesome. In fact, it’s so awesome we broke our own rule to not default to the adjective ‘awesome’. Anyway, see how awesome Sariel’s latest creation is on MOCpages via the link above, or via Sariel’s blog. Awesome.

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EC-635 HelicopterKit Bricksto’s military EC-635 Helicopter has been built in the perfect scale for mini-figures. Too often they lie neglected in the bottom of a Lego tub, forgotten, and dreaming of the day someone will rescue them and put them to work. If yours are awaiting a more interesting life follow Kit’s example; dig them out and build them something cool. We can almost guarantee they’ll be smiling.

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