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Raging Bull

Lego Lamborghini Veneno

It seems like just the other day that we posted an incredible creation from car building legend and TLCB Master MOCer Firas Abu-Jaber. And that’s because it was. But he’s been busy, and just a few short days later this arrived at TLCB Towers courtesy of an excited TLCB Elf.

It’s Lamborghini’s 2014 Veneno coupe, following on from Firas’ own roadster roadster version publicised here earlier in the year, and it is – as you can see – quite spectacular. There’s more to see at Firas’ MOCpages and Flickr accounts, plus you can read his Lego story via the Interviews tab in the main menu.

Lego Lamborghini Veneno Firas Abu Jaber

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Ford GT – Picture Special

Lego Ford GT

We have no clever title and there are few words in this post to describe TLCB Master MOCer Firas Abu-Jaber’s astonishing Ford GT replica. Because all you need to do it look at it.

Lego Ford GT 2017

And click here of course. It’s the car of the summer so far. See more on Flickr via the link, and you can read our interview with the builder by clicking the link below the first image.

Lego Ford GT Firas Abu Jaber

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Lego Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

This amazing looking vehicle is a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster – an ultra high-tech concept/limited-run hypercar created to celebrate the marque’s 50th anniversary. Lego car-building legend Firas Abu-Jaber has recreated the extraordinary supercar from what appears to be a bucket filled entirely with red sloped pieces. You can see how he’s replicated the Venero’s incredible aero by visiting his accounts on either MOCpages or Flickr, plus you can read his Master MOCers interview by clicking here.

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Trailer Park

Lego Corvette Stingray

Caravans don’t usually feature highly on our blog list, but today we made an exception, as not only is this one rather pretty, it’s got one hell of a tow car. The gorgeous mid-’60s Corvette Stingray, complete with roof-mounted surfboard, is the work of car building legend – and TLCB Master MOCer – Firas Abu Jaber.

Lego Corvette Stingray

Firas’ beautiful build features some stellar detailing, including all the assorted camping paraphernalia you might expect to see in a 1960s caravan. There’s lots more to see on both MOCpages and Flickr – click the links to take a trip.

Lego Corvette Stingray Firas Abu Jaber

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This is Spinal Tap

Firas Abu Jaber Lego

TLCB has reached one and half million views, and in celebration we’re going all Spinal Tap! Yes, we’re cranking our previously-deceased Master MOCers Series up to eleven.

And who better to be that No. 11 than probably the most famous LEGO vehicle builder in the world, the brilliant Mr. Firas Abu-Jaber.

Read Firas Abu-Jaber’s Master MOCers Interview here!

Smell the Glove.


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Blue Wonder

Lego Mercedes-Benz Rennwagen Schnelltransporter

Mercedes-Benz are the racing team to beat at the moment, and back in the 1950s it was a similar story. Teams were run a bit differently half a century ago, with budgets very much smaller than they are today. Racing cars would turn up on the back of a transporter, go racing, and then go home again – there were no fancy mobile workshops, catering trucks or hospitality suites.

We quite like this approach, but the downside was that if one of your racing cars broke, there were few spare parts, and certainly no spare car, with which to fix it. To get around this Mercedes came up with a genius solution; they built a vehicle capable of racing across Europe at high speed to get back to the factory to collect another car – the amazing Rennwagen Schnelltransporter nicknamed ‘Blue Wonder’.

Underneath the weird car-transporting bodywork the Schnelltransporter was a 300SL Gullwing supercar, complete with its three-litre straight-six petrol engine, the first engine ever fitted with direct-injection. And that made it the fastest car transporter in the world.

A vehicle as legendary as that needs a legendary builder, and they don’t come much more so than Firas Abu-Jaber. Firas’ beautiful Model Team recreation of the famous Mercedes even features a stunning 300SL Gullwing to transport. There’s loads more to see on both MOCpages and Flickr – click the links for all the details.

Lego Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing

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Porsche Plus

Lego Porsche RUF CTR3 Clubsport

Here at The Lego Car Blog we’re not usually fans of German tuning houses. This is because for the most part they seem to take some really good cars, ruin them, and then charge twice the price for the resultant mess. One of the exceptions though is Ruf, who have been building ultra high performance cars since the 1970s.

Ruf base their designs on Porsche chassis, but all the fabrication is done by themselves (rather than simply bolting on ‘uprated’ parts), so their products have Ruf VINs and thus Ruf are classified as a car manufacturer in their own right. Which does mean that our title is factually incorrect.

Anyway, this incredible Model Team recreation of Ruf’s monster CTR3 Clubsport shows that Lego builders can show the same attention to detail in their work as Ruf themselves. It also continues the recent return of one of the Lego community’s most revered builders, Firas Abu-Jaber. Firas’ beautiful CTR3 is available to view on both MOCpages and Flickr, and you can see Firas’ Top 5 creations according to Headturnerz by clicking here.

Lego Ruf CTR3 Firas Abu-Jaber

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Fighting Bull

Lego Lamborghini Aventador Firas Abu Jaber

Our recently-released Elves are starting to return home with their finds after their Christmas incarceration, so another bedraggled creature entering TLCB Towers isn’t normally worth much excitement. However, the Elf that found this creation got the attention of the whole office. ‘We recognise that style!’, we thought in unison…

This beautiful Lamborghini Aventador marks the return of one of the internet’s most revered vehicle builders, the brilliantly talented Firas Abu Jaber.

Firas has been away for a number of years, but an invitation to submit models for the next No Starch Press Lego book publication enticed him back into the community. There will be more to see when the aforementioned book is released next year, but until then you can see more of Firas’ spectacular Aventador by visiting his Flickr page.

The book in which Firas features is being written by Dennis Glaasker and Dennis Bosman, both of whom have appeared here over the years, and is entitled ‘The Art of Lego Scale Modelling’. It’s due for release via our friends at No Starch Press in 2015 and we’ll bring you more details as soon as we can. In the meantime you can check out TLCB’s interviews with both authors by clicking upon their names above, plus you see what our partners over at Head Turnerz think are Firas Abu Jaber’s best ever creations by clicking here.

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The Top 5…

Firas Abu Jaber Creations!

Our usual articles here at TLCB publicise only new creations. Today though we take a trip back in time to look at the creations of one of the all time greatest Lego vehicle builders, someone who has featured not only on the top Lego websites, but also the likes of Top Gear and Jalopnik. He is of course, the amazing Firas Abu Jaber. In our second ‘Top 5’  list our collaborators Head Turnerz suggest their five favourite Firas creations. Over to the the Head Turnerz crew…

Much of the online Lego community know of the legendary Firas Abu Jaber, and most will have a favourite or two of his creations. Here at Head Turnerz we have teamed up with The Lego Car Blog to give you another HT x TLCB Top 5, this time to showcase the very best of what Firas built over several incredible years.

Lego Mitsubishi Evo


In fifth place is, without doubt, the best recreation of the iconic Mitsubishi Evolution X that you’ll ever find made from LEGO. We remember when we first saw Firas’ creation posted on the MOCpages home page – and we nearly fell off our chairs. With 15 stud wide body work and ingeniously recreated disc brakes Firas’ Evo is jam-packed with details, making it not just one of the best Evos, but one of the best Lego cars ever made.

Lego Lamborghini Gallardo


What sort of Top 5 of the best Firas cars would this be without one of his famous Lamborghinis? Coming in at number four is this stunning Lamborghini Gallardo SE built way back in January 2009. The body shaping is – as with every Firas build – perfect, and with the freakishly great eye for detail that he has, this Lego Lamborghini does not let the famous marque down.

Lego Knight Rider KITT


K.I.T.T could possibly be the most well known T.V/movie car of all time and Firas did not disappoint when he ‘dropped’ this one, again back in 2009. Firas’ model features everything the real ‘82 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am K.I.T.T had, including the infamous scan-bar. Of course, everything opens, including removable T-tops to complete the convertible roof!

Lego Pagani Zonda


The Pagani Zonda C12 S is one of the most beautiful Italian cars ever made, Firas somewhat cheesily describing it as “just like a beautiful girl”. We can see what he means though, and his Model Team version is just as eye-catching. The curves, his unique building techniques, and those remarkable headlights – it’s how a Lego car should be built. Firas even constructed his Zonda so that all the ‘elements’ were detachable – see how he did it at the link.

Lego Ford GT


Taking the top spot in our Top 5 Firas Abu Jaber creations list is none other than his incredible Ford GT – possibly the greatest Model Team car ever made, and the most popular car in the history of MOCpages. Some may disagree with our previous choices, but we think we that all will agree that this is the car that cemented Firas’ reputation as the best Lego vehicle builder of his time. A legend if you will. This GT was so realistic it was even featured on the official Top Gear website! It’s the perfect MOC.

Some of you reading this may not have had the privilege to see first hand Firas’ builds show up on your ‘most recent’ listing on MOCpages, but to have witnessed it at the time was an absolute honour. Firas was and still is the true G.O.A.T of Lego car building. We think we speak for all when we say we hope to see him make a return some day…

So that’s Head Turnerz’ Top 5 Firas Abu Jaber creations. Do you agree with their choices or has your favourite missed the cut? Let them know what you think by joining in their discussions over on Flickr – click here to visit the group, and they’ll join us again soon for another Top 5.

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Featured TFOL: Cars Lover

Cars Lover

Automotive awesomeness by Cars Lover

When the great Firas Abu-Jaber admits a Lamborghini Gallardo is better than his own the TLCB Elves get still pointier ears than they already have. A 16-year old builder named Cars Lover, a German TFOL and newcomer on MOCpages, has built some awesome sports cars lately. As Firas puts it: “You have a GREAT future in building lego cars, so keep on that.”

So check out what Cars Lover has done so far on MOCpages.

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