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Lego Whambulance Hot Rod

If The Lego Car Blog Elves were to design an ambulance, it would probably look like this. Flickr’s Nathan Proudlove could well be an Elf if it weren’t for the fact that he’s a) a human being and, b) he can build creations as excellent as this one. You can see more of Nathan’s ‘Whambulance’ at his photostream – click the link above to dial 911.

Lego Hot Rod Ambulance

The Cannonball Run

Lego The Cannonball Run

Illegal street racing was on the big screen long before The Fast and the Furious franchise made it cool. 1981’s ‘The Cannonball Run’ was based on the real illegal street race across America that occurred two years earlier, although we expect the movie took a little bit of artistic license with the story…

If you’ve not seen it yet get yourself over to YouTube, and you can see more of one of the star vehicles from the movie – a Dodge ‘ambulance’ – courtesy of TLCB regular Ralph Savelsberg.

Lego The Cannonball Run

Emergency in New York


These two FDNY vehicles are the work of TLCB regular Ralph Savelsberg (aka Mad Physicist) who has recreated brilliantly the Seagrave ladder truck and Ford F350 ambulance common to the emergency crews of Manhattan. There’s more to see of each on Flickr – click this link to make the jump.

Bricks in Motion Picture Special

Lego Bricks in Motion

One of The Lego Car Blog’s very favourite builders has taken the brave – and often envied – step into the world of professional Lego model making. Certified LEGO Professionals Bright Bricks can now count the ridiculously talented Nick Barrett amongst their building staff. Nick joined the Bright Bricks team bringing a wealth of vehicular knowledge, which they’ve put to excellent use in their latest commissioned project, ‘Bricks in Motion’.

Bricks in Motion is taking place at the Milestones Museum in Hampshire, UK until the end of April 2015, featuring many creations by Nick, as well as few other builders including regular bloggee Ralph Savelsberg.

Lego Ambulance

Nick’s creations include working vehicles commonly seen in the UK, such as this Mercedes ambulance (above), and JCB (below)…

Lego JCB

 …as well as themed creations from around the world, like these brilliant Lego taxis.

Lego Taxis

There are also a few nods to some of the most important vehicles of history, including famous ships and trains, such as the widely recognised pioneer of steam travel, Stephenson’s Rocket.

Lego Stephenson's Rocket

There’s lots more to see at Nick’s MOCpages account and you can see what’s on at the Bricks in Motion exhibition – including their children’s building activities and Mindstorms robotic workshops – via the link in the text above.

If you think that becoming a professional Lego model maker might be for you, then you can read our interviews with some of those who have gone pro by clicking this link to our Interviews page.


Lego Land Rover Ambulance

Because it’s a Land Rover Ambulance! Yup, we’re a clever bunch here in TLCB office. Anyhoo, you can see more of this lovely Land Rover Series III at previous bloggee Joao Campos’ MOCpage – click here for the full gallery.

Lego Land Rover Series III Ambulance

Twisted Metal

Lego Twisted Metal

Flickr’s Tim Inman has been busy building this, er… thing; the ‘Meat Wagon’ from the Playstaiton game ‘Twisted Metal’. Based on a 1960’s Miller Meteor ambulance, it features a few extra modifications that you’re unlikely to find on the Emergency Services’ finest. You’ve probably noticed the guns on the front wings, but it also contains a morbidly creative method of bringing the pain; a patient strapped to a controllable gurney loaded with TNT. See all the photos on Flickr via the link above.


Air Ambulance

Lego Helicopter Air AmbulanceKit Bricksto’s ADAC Rescue Helicopter is one of the nicest choppers we’ve seen in ages. It makes a nice change from all the military-themed aircraft too. Check it out here.

Dodging Bullets

Dodge Ambulance

Dodgy Medicine

This beautiful Dodge WC54 Ambulance is a product of Project Azazel, discovered by one of The Lego Car Blog Elves on Flickr. Mini-fig scale and loaded with SNOTy goodness, it resides with Azazel’s other military MOCs (including the famous Great Escape motorcycle jump) on his Flickr photostream.