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Lego Two Face Car

Here’s a car for Donald Trump, with two colours looking great side-by-side. RGB900 is the builder and you can see more here.

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Lego Akira Kaneda's Bike

Kaneda’s Bike from Akira has appeared here several times over the years, but no attempt had been made at a mini-figure scale version – so difficult is the build even in a large scale – until now.

TLCB favourite _Tiler, who we think might be the best Town-scale builder anywhere, has finally allowed Kaneda to feature in mini-figure form, and a stunning job he’s done too.

You can see more of mini-fig-Kaneda’s Bike at _Tiler’s Flickr photostream via the link above, where there are also instructions available, and you can see the larger recreations that have featured here in the past by using the search function at the foot of this page.

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Balloon Bike II

Lego Yamaha Spectrum

You wait ages for a hot-air-balloon motorbike, and then two come along at once! Today’s second cunning use of LEGO’s balloon pieces comes from Flickr’s F@bz, and you can see more of his Yamaha Spectrum motorcycle concept at the link above.

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Machine No.5

Lego Machine No.5

We have absolutely no idea what’s going on here, so it’s probably best you just ask Vince Toulouse. Whilst this is the fifth machine from Vince that we’ve featured here we’re no closer to learning what it’s all about. You can see some of his previous machines – and amuse yourself at our previous attempts at an explanation – by clicking here. We’ll get back to cars…

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Fast and Fictional

Lego Car

We received a suggestion to our Feedback page last week, but it was TLCB Office Poker Night at the time and thus we were a bit pre-occupied. Fortunately the reader in question kindly accepted some unpaid writing work and joins us a Guest Blogger today. Over to Alexander Paschoaletto;

If you decide to build a real car in Lego form you’ll face the challenge of having to replicate all the lines according to the original vehicle, which may be something horrible if you’re bricking up a Fiat Uno, or insanely complicated if you’re building a Mazda Furai. However, if you decide to create your own ride instead, you’ll have a very different challenge on your hands. Considering, of course, that you’re trying to create something totally original without copying anything else.

Alex B is one of the few TFOLs out there who can easily meet both challenges with skill, and his latest effort does not fail to impress. His ‘Vortex Orca 4.0i’ features stunning detailing and such a clean look – it’s simple but great. In addition, he took some beautiful shots in a very professional way, which further adds to his positive points. Keep it up, Alex!

Thanks Alexander! You can see more of Alex B’s fictional coupe here, and more of Alexander’s own work on Flickr at the link above.

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Pretty Peugeot

Lego Peugeot Concept

Iconic French manufacturer Peugeot haven’t had much exposure here at TLCB. This is mostly because the Lego community haven’t been building many Peugeots, and that’s probably because most of the brand’s recent offerings have been… well, crap.

However, the future is looking brighter for Peugeot fans. There’s a 270bhp GTI on the way, the company’s recent run of new products has been fairly well received by the motoring press, and their styling direction is no longer modelled on a deep sea fish that’s washed up on the shore and been left in the sun for a few days. It’s could even be called even pretty.

There’s reason to be optimistic then, and it’s nice to see this reflected in an unusual Peugeot build from previous bloggee F@bz, whose ‘Lanius’ concept car uses some clever techniques to create its swoopy shape. There’s more to see at F@bz’ photstream on Flickr – click the above to make the jump.

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Lego Akira Kaneda's Bike

Sariel is back, and with something that at first glance looks a bit simple when compared to his usual builds. But the beauty of his recreation of Kaneda’s Bike from AKIRA is more than its stunning appearance – remarkably this model is fully RC drivable! You can see how Sariel has done it via MOCpages, you can watch his bike in action below, and you can read our interview with man himself here.

YouTube Video:

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Lego Sci-Fi Tank Thingumy

This beautiful creation is so far outside of our vehicular knowledge that we’re not even going to attempt an explanation. Vince Toulouse of Flickr owns the brain that created it, so it’s probably best we simply throw you a link to his page. Click this link.

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Retro Roadster

Lego Satomobil

This is, er… we have no idea. Reading builder Ordo‘s creation backstory left just left us confused, so it’s probably best we simply own up and say this is here because it was suggested, and because it’s really cool. There’s more to see on Flickr.

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Rock Rider

Lego Concept Car

This retro-inspired concept car looks neat doesn’t it? Even neater when set against this cool background. It reminds us of LEGO’s old catalogues from the ’80-late ’90s. Peteris Sprogis is the builder and you can see more of his creation on both MOCpages and Flickr.

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Wet ‘n’ Wild


According to The Lego Car Blog’s Submission Guidelines, the Elves prefer models to have, “Clean, contrasting backgrounds…”. We had to make an exception in the case of Petris Sprogris’ “Project_BLACK” vehicle. The rusting metal panel, which looks very like the top of the TLCB beer fridge, does actually contrast nicely with this all black build. Adding a spray of water, some carefully chosen lighting and a good macro focus has given Petris some winning photos. The Elves also liked the reversed tires, angled windscreen and blend of System and other parts. Click this link to MOCpages or this link to Flickr to see more.


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15 Pieces of Fame

Lego Roadster

Ok, Calvin Sun’s Roadster has a few more pieces than fifteen, but nevertheless it does prove you don’t need oodles of bricks to makes something blogworthingly cool. Check it out on Flickr here.

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Lego Concept Car

It might sound a bit like the outside of a nipple, but Angka Utama‘s little 8-wide Aerossa concept car is as good a design as models five times its size. You can see all the photos of his latest creation on Flickr via the link above.

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Toscana Front

Many of Angka Utama’s cars are like the Elves, complex and small. The Toscana is a good example of this, including a drop down rear engine. Actually, on second thoughts the Elves are a worryingly simple bunch. On third thoughts, the Elves’ diet of sugary Smarties and fizzy drinks means that they’re getting a bit tubby too. Please click on this link to Angka’s Flickr Photostream to have a closer look at the Toscana’s features, whilst we go and find some better similes.*

Toscana Back

*I didn’t want to be a blog writer anyway. I wanted to be a lumberjack.

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Wheels of Whimsy

Lego Art-Deco Trike

The inside of Vince Toulouse‘s mind must be an interesting – and rather beautiful – place to live. Vince has appeared here previously with his wonderfully art-deco spaceships, and he’s now transferred his uniquely brilliant style to wheeled wonders. These two spectacular creations can be found at Vince’s most excellent Flickr photostream, click the link above and submerge yourself in Vince’s sea of brick-built loveliness.

Lego Sci-Fi Art-Deco Car

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