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Turbo Triple

Lego Technic Super Car

Turbocharged three-cylinder engines are all the rage at the moment, thanks to tightening emissions regulations, high fuel prices, and the advancement of forced induction technology. Ford, Volkswagen, Peugeot, BMW and many more have recently downsized by a cylinder, but it was the Japanese who first explored the idea of a small capacity turbo triple as early as the 1980s.

TLCB regular Horcik Designs has paid homage to the forced-induction pioneers with his generic small Japanese coupe. There’s a three-cylinder turbocharged engine mounted transversely up front, independent and live-axle suspension, working steering, opening and locking doors, and lots more besides. You can see all of Horcik’s photos on Flickr – click the link above to make some boost.

Twin Turbocharged Toyota T-Top

Lego Toyota MR2 Turbo

We have a well documented love of things with racing stripes here at TLCB. We also like turbos. Big ones that go ‘fushififish’ off-throttle. This creation is therefore ticking all of our boxes as it has not one, not two, but three racing stripes, as well as a pair of turbochargers.

Rhys Pieces is the builder, and you can see more of his excellent heavily-modified mark 1 Toyota MR2 on both MOCpages and Flickr. Fushififish!

Lego Toyota MR2 T-Ba

Blow Me

Lego Polonez Turbo

We’re not fans of Eastern Europe’s communist automotive efforts. Like, at all. But if there’s proof that forced induction, wide arches, and racing stripes can make anything cool, this is it. Raphael Granas‘ ’80s Polonez twin turbo is one of the coolest Lego cars we’ve ever seen. Click above and get ready to want it.


Lego Renault RE20 Turbo Formula 1

Formula 1 might finally have got with the times and moved to turbo-charged engines, but it’s not actually the first time forced-induction has been used in Formula 1 racing.

Turbo-charging first appeared in F1 as early as the 1970s (and forced induction in the form of super-charging featured in Grand Prix racing earlier even than Word War 2 – think about that when you next brag about your turbo!). This particular car was one of the best of that first Turbo Era; the astonishing Renault RE20.

Built by Carl Greatrix, this Model Team recreation of the late ’70s Renault is one of the most beautifully engineered Lego creations we’ve seen this year, and not just on the outside. Underneath the perfectly replicated bodywork sits one of the finest chassis and engines ever constructed from the humble brick. The extra photo below gives you an idea, but you really need to head over to Flickr to see just how good this creation is. You can visit Carl’s photostream here – it’s worth the click!

Lego Renault Turbo 1979 Formula 1

Featured TFOL: Davanchi M

Lego BMW 2002 Turbo

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a… er, Featured TFOL, here at The Lego Car Blog. This is mostly because we’d forgotten about it as a category, but also because many TFOL-created vehicles are home-brewed nonsense with fantastically impossible engines and dimensions.

The Lego Car Blog Elves quite like this approach of course, but any such finds are vetoed by the office for being ‘a bit shit’, and the Elf in question swiftly shown the way back out by way of the office catapult.

MOCpages user Davanchi M started out building the aforementioned type of vehicles, but has progressed through the various phases of TFOL-dom to reach the point where his creations are now excellent recreations of some of the most-respected cars not the road. Once such example is this glorious BMW 2002 Turbo – one of the star cars of the 1970s – that Davanchi recently uploaded to his MOCpage.

Davanchi is adding new cars to MOCpages regularly, and all are now well worth a view. You can see more of the BMW and his other creations via the link above!

Martini Porsche Picture Special

Lego Martini Porsche Racing

Over the past week The Lego Car Blog has been a bit more ‘Truck’ than ‘Car’. Today we return to our job description with a blog post Special to celebrate one of the team’s favourite builders, the incredible Malte Dorowski.

Lego Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Turbo

Malte has featured here several times over the years with his beautiful racing cars. Today – after some time away from the Lego community – he has finally returned, with this completely gorgeous Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Turbo.

Lego Porsche Flat 6 Turbo

Built in 1974 and raced by the Martini Porsche works team, the Carrera RSR Turbo heralded a new dawn for racing cars, making 500bhp from just 2.1 litres with the aid of a huge turbocharger. Malte has recreated not only the car but also its incredible flat-6 engine in astounding detail, using a variety of unusual LEGO pieces ranging from flags to robot hands.

Lego Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Turbo

The Porsche’s bodywork is just as inventive, with elephant tusks, mini-figure SCUBA flippers and harpoons all making perfectly judged appearances. See if you can spot them all; take a trip to Malte’s superb Flickr photostream or visit his awesome MOCpages account, where he also includes a link to the Classic Race Teams group which has inspired so many creations like his.

Lego Martini Porsche Racing

Turbo Tuesday

Lego BMW 2002 TurboIt’s our second ‘T is for Tuesday’ post (let’s see how long we can string this out!), and this ‘T’ is for ‘Turbo’ – a word synonymous with fast cars. Back in the 1970s turbo-chargers on road cars were a very rare event. One of the first manufacturers to embrace forced-induction were BMW, who bolted a KKK turbo-charger onto their little 2002 saloon, creating an instant classic.

Exactly 40 years on Flickr user _Tiler brings back the first European production car with a turbo in Lego form, and rather splendid it is too! See it and his other creations via the link above.

Porsche Beater

Nissan GTP ZX Turbo

Nissan GTP ZX Turbo

We’ve featured a lot of Porsches here at The Lego Car Blog. They’re a popular choice for Lego builders, and why not? After all, they are the most successful sports car racing brand of all time. Occasionally though, another company comes along and displaces them from the top. Currently Audi are said manufacturer, but back in the late eighties it was Nissan, with their incredible ZX Turbo. bobalexander! has recreated the iconic race car with a bucketload of blue Lego. See the whole gallery on Flickr.

Civic Duty

Technic Supercar Honda Civic

Cookin’ Rice

The Honda Civic, sold new to grannies to go to the shops in once a week, then bought second hand by boy racers due to its high power / low insurance combination, is probably the street car of the ’90s. The remaining ’80s and ’90s Civics on the road today all tend to look like this one; big exhaust, induction kit, big bumper bodykit and phat alloys. Ruined handling and refinement too, but that’s not important when you’re 18. This awesome Technic Supercar incarnation of the Ricer’s favourite is the work of LegoMarat on Flickr. It features a working 4-cylinder turbo engine, FWD, suspension, steering, and folding seats.

Lego Technic Honda Civic


Biggie Smalls

Lego Technic Jeep


A double post today, from both ends of the scale spectrum. Here at The Lego Car Blog we appreciate models of all sizes; our Elves return to the office with a variety of vehicles, from tiny 4-wides up to monster Technic supercars. However, unfortunately for us, this week the Eves got into our secret supply of drumstick lollies and as such everything they’ve found for the past few days has been red or yellow.

We’ll have a think about what we can do about our workforce’s colour fixation (maybe force them to eat blue urinal cakes?), but in the mean time here are two more red and yellow vehicles, from Nick Barrett and Starscream Soundwave respectively.

Lego Saab Turbo


Twin Turbo Daf

Daf Racing Truck

We want to know where VFRacing gets his stickers from!

Discovered on the Eurobricks Forum, and resplendent in Daf Racing colours complete with all 729 sponsors, this Dakar Rally Truck by VFRacingTeam is a rather brilliant looking machine. It should be brilliant to drive too, being powered by a complex array of LEGO Power Functions kit and based on a chassis design by Efferman (which means it’s good!). Visit the Eurobricks forum for more.

More Porschery

Porsche 935/75 Turbo

The coolest racing sponsorship ever? Discuss.

Malte Dorowski is possibly the best vehicle builder in the Lego Community today. His work offers a level of detail that we’d just not seen in bricks before, and his latest racing car is no exception. One of several Malte-MOCs we’ve featured here at The Lego Car Blog, and belonging to the Classic Race Teams Group on MOCpages we featured earlier in the year, his Porsche 935/76 Turbo is one of the most beautiful creations the Elves have found thus far. Models like this are why The Lego Car Blog exists in fact. You can view all the details of this creation on MOCpages – it’s worth a click.

One for the yuppies

Porsche 911
As ’80s as red braces and house-brick sized mobiles

Being too young to remember the ’80s all I have to go on are films like Working Girl and Top Gun, which lead me to believe everyone had ridiculous hair and had sex in weird fuzzy lighting. Anyway, ZetoVince remembers slightly more and has built the ’80s icon that is the 911 with a whale-tail spoiler. View it on Flickr.