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Room 101

Lego Zastava 101

We quite like Fiat here at TLCB. They make the 500 and also own Ferrari, which has got to put them pretty high up on anyone’s cool car company list.

Unfortunately for every good thing Fiat have done there’s something else from their back-catalogue to cancel it out. This is one such event, the truly awful Zastava 101 (named, we think, after the room from the George Orwell masterpiece ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’*).

As with most Soviet Bloc monstrosities from the Cold War era, the Zastava was based on an old Fiat (see also Lada, FSO, Yugo etc.) and was built with all the care and attention of a kamikaze pilot checking his landing gear. We can be fairly sure then that this wonderfully detailed Lego example by Chapachuk took far more skill and love to create than the real car. See more of the miniature plastic version on Eurobricks or Flickr.

*”You asked me once, what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.” (George Orwell)

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Giant Panda

Lego Fiat Panda 4x4Our American readers may laugh at Fiat’s tiny off-roader, but mock at your peril; the original Panda 4×4 will beat a Hummer off-road on a typical snowy European farm-track. Piterx’s Technic version of the little Fiat is remotely controlled and includes all-wheel-drive. See it in action at his blog, or join in the discussion on Eurobricks.

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Lego FSO Polozez

This fabulous model of a horrible car is the work of TLCB favourite Karwik on Flickr, who has, for reasons unknown to man and beast, chosen to recreate the abysmal FSO Polonez Hatchback, Coupe and Pick-Up in Lego.

Based on the bits Fiat left behind when they couldn’t be bothered to pack properly during their exit from Eastern Europe in the early ’80s, the FSO Polonez became a success in Poland almost purely because import taxes protected it from competition. This privileged position ended when Poland joined the EU and since then the FSO hatchback has been rapidly replaced by more advanced Western machinery.

Lego FSO Polonez

The FSO Pick-Up however, has shown a bit more staying power, due to such merits as its large carrying capacity and being easy to fix. Probably not quite as easy to fix as Karwik‘s version though, of which you can see more on Flickr.

Lego FSO Pick-up

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Kult Kombi

Lego Fiat 125P KombiWe like old, slightly rubbish cars here at The Lego Car Blog. This stirling effort was discovered by one of our Elves on Flickr. Built by r a p h y it’s a Polski Fiat 125P Kombi (Station Wagon, Tourer or Estate if you’re not from Eastern Europe), modified in ‘cultstyle’. Which makes it somehow very cool. See more on Flickr at the link above.

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Big Italian Truck

Big Italian Truck

Fiat 642 Maserati Transporter. Well, 98% of one.

If you follow the vehicle rules in the MOCpages group Classic Race Teams the results will always be good. Proof is here again…

This awesome Italian truck for Classic Race Teams, built by Lego Builder Jr., features the original Maserati colour scheme and some nice details and functions. It’s worth checking out on Flickr and MOCpages, and maybe you can help provide the pieces needed to finish it.

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Fiat’s Shoddy Off-cuts


Fast, Safe and Opulent. Wait, no, that’s not right.

FSO, Poland’s answer to Lada, did not make good cars. In fact, like Lada, they made bad cars out of the leftover bits of old Fiats. Bad cars that somehow they managed to sell to countries that really should’ve known better. Still, they’re now dead and gone, so in celebration (probably) Dohoon Kim has recreated one of their more numerous offerings, the simply dreadful Polonez 1500, in our beloved LEGO bricks. Despite the crapiness of the car, the model is rather lovely, and you can see more of it on both Flickr and MOCpages.

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Group of the Month – Classic Race Teams

1959 Fiat 682/RN2 Bartoletti Transporter

Group of the Month – Classic Race Teams

Welcome to our new feature – Group of the Month. The Lego Car Blog Elves will endeavour to trawl the whole of the Interweb to discover new and exciting Lego groups for you enjoy.

Here in the Legoboratory we have noticed a lot of commotion on MOCpages recently, and in particular a small but incredibly active group of car builders.  If you love Lego and motorsport then you will love this group – Classic Race Teams.

We have featured several creations from this group already so we decided to have a closer look. It appears that the Mocpages car building community is trying to recreate classic race teams from the golden era of racing 1950s to 1970s. Cars, transporters and even support vehicles are all being reproduced with incredible attention to detail.

Sometimes it only takes one builder to inspire a whole bunch of other builders to recreate similar MOCs. As far as we can tell Ape Fight has done just that with his fantastic Fiat 682/RN2 Carrozzeria Bartoletti; Scuderia Ferrari Race Transporter. Not the snappiest title but what a MOC it is. Every detail has been wonderfully recreated and it even includes four (yes I said four) XL motors to power this 4.5 Kg beauty.

We will try and find more exciting groups for you to feast on but for the time being this one should offer hours of nourishment. Enjoy!

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A beautiful mash-up

Fiat Bartoletti Alan Mann

Like Christmas leftovers; lots of different styles but delicious

The accepted norm in the MOC-ing world is to pick a technique and stick with it. MortalSwordman has decided to buck this trend with his Fiat Bartoletti Type II race transporter, with stunning results. He uses traditional studs-up, smooth SNOT, full-stud and Technic techniques all in one model. Our favourite area is perhaps the letters – squint and ‘Cobra Ford’ will miraculously appear! There’s a group on MOCpages where several of these classic transporters have been built. Check out Mortal’s MOCpage via the link above for details.

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